Kansas Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers

Mission Statement:

The Young Farmers and Ranchers, an integral part of Kansas Farm Bureau, are hard-working agriculture professionals dedicated to developing their leadership skills and empowering others to become actively involved in agriculture advocacy, promotion and education.

The Future

Kansas Farm Bureau has a keen interest in the development of young leaders as demonstrated by the Young Farmers and Ranchers (YF&R) Program. Leadership Development is possible through a variety of opportunities which includes contests and the leadership conference.

Who is eligible to be a Young Farmer and Rancher? Farm Bureau voting members who are between the ages of 18 and 35.

Get involved with YF&R: 

For more information on Young Farmers & Ranchers contact Edie Doane - doanee@kfb.org.



Meet the 2015 YF&R Committee:



District 1 - Jarrod & Sarah Bowser - Jackson County

Representing the first district is Jarrod and Sarah Bowser with their daughter Claire. The couple farms with Jarrod's brother and sister-in-law, Nick and Jessica. Both Jarrod and Nick are full time operators for the diversified grain and cattle operation. Conservation is important to the operation and thus Jarrod serves as President of the Jackson County Conservation Board. Sarah works in agriculture for the United Sorghum Checkoff Program as a Regional Field Director. Both Jarrod and Sarah have been involved with Farm Bureau on the local, state and national level, recognizing the importance of Farm Bureau.



District 2 - Jake & Amy Strobel - Anderson County

Jake and Amy Strobel are from Anderson County and are excited to represent District 2. Jake is a third-generation farmer and helps run his grandfather’s farm. They grow corn, soybeans and wheat and have a commercial cow/calf operation. Amy works for the Olathe School District and teaches first grade. She helps Jake with the book work on the weekends. While they do not have any children, they do have a dog named Sherlock.



District 3 - Caleb & Janet Phillips - Labette County

Caleb and Janet Phillips farm alongside Caleb's dad and grandpa in rural Labette County where Caleb is a fifth-generation farmer. They raise corn, soybeans and wheat and they also have a large commercial cow herd. Janet grew up on a family farm in northeast Missouri and moved to Kansas to work for K-State Research and Extension before meeting Caleb. They have been married for six years and have two children, Chester who is 3 and Iscel who is 1. Janet helps do about everything on the farm except she doesn't get to drive the new tractor or combine, because Caleb doesn't like to share those things. They are very active in their church because they know that without God none of this would be possible.




District 4 - Craig & Megan Pringle - Cowley County

Craig and Megan Pringle own and operate a grain and hay operation in Cowley County in conjunction with Craig’s family. The couple runs several hundred acres of wheat, soybeans, corn and milo. They also grow alfalfa and prairie hay. Another big component of their operation is custom haying. Recently Craig and Megan bought a piece of property with a house and have started their venture into the rental business. Craig works in town as a salesman for Prairieland Partners John Deere. While Megan works in Winfield as a real estate property appraiser trainee & Realtor. Craig grew up close to where the couple resides now, while Megan grew up on a grain and beef operation in Northwest Kansas. The couple both earned their Bachelor degrees from Kansas State University. The only kid they have is a 120 pound black lab named Maverick.  



District 5 - Sam & Nicole Shrack - Abilene

Sam and Nicole Shrack live South of Abilene in the 5th district. They are the sixth generation and farm on 1500 acres raising wheat, milo, soybeans, and corn. They help with a 100 ewe flock raising 4-H show lambs, and also run grass calves in the summer months. Nicole is a part-time Registered Dental Hygienist and a Crop Insurance agent at Harris Crop Insurance with Sam’s parents located at their farm. In September, Sam and Nicole welcomed their baby girl Axie Ruth. She’s already a daddy’s girl, helping him drill wheat at four weeks old.




District 6 - Josh & Lori Bohnert - Jewell County

Josh and Lori Bohnert are from Jewell County and excited to represent the sixth district. Josh and Lori farm with his parents on their third generation diversified crop and livestock farm. They raise wheat, corn, soybeans, sorghum, as well as cover crops in their rotation on their all no-till dryland operation. They also have a cow calf operation and background all the calves in their own feedlot. Lori works part time as a dental hygienist and helps out on the farm. Josh and Lori have three daughters and are expecting another daughter in March. 




District 7 - Matt & Janna Splitter - Rice County

Matt and Janna Splitter are from Rice County and are excited to represent the 7th District. Matt is the owner/operator of their fifth generation farm. They grow wheat, sorghum, soybeans and corn on dryland and irrigated farmground. Custom work is also a large part of their operation. Janna recently transitioned home from her role in Ag lending to assist with the farm accounting and payroll, along with caring for their one year old daughter, Laikyn. 



 District 8 - Ryan & Traci Reed - Gray County

Ryan and Traci Reed are excited to represent the 8th district from Gray County. Ryan is the fourth generation operator of their family farm which consists of wheat, corn, sorghum and a cow calf operation. They practice no-till on the dryland and strip-till on the irrigated, and have recently expanded into custom farming services. Traci is a speech pathologist, working in the local nursing home and is the farm’s primary book keeper. The Reeds have three children: Ethan who is 11 and started full-time tractor work last summer, Allie who is 8 and loves gymnastics and 5-year-old Owen loves to go anywhere with his dad any chance he gets. 




District 9 - Jeff & Azuree Jones- Johnson, KS

Jeff and Azuree Jones are from Johnson and are representing the 9th district. Jeff was born and raised on his family’s 3rd generation dairy farm in New Mexico. Immediately following school he made operating the family farm with his father and brother his career. The dairy milks 3,000 head in a rotary barn. Jeff farmed while there to help grow quality feed for their cows. In 2010, Jeff and Azuree took a huge leap of faith and moved to Kansas so Jeff could pursue his love for crop farming. Jeff is currently following his dream of growing corn, milo, wheat and feed. Jeff and Azuree have been married for 18 years and have two sons, Taylor, who is 17, and Duane, who is 13.



District 10 - Evan Lesser - Graham County

Evan Lesser is from Graham County and is looking forward to representing the 10th district. Evan operates a row crop, consisting of mostly wheat and milo, and a Cow calf operation with Kendal and Barb Grecian. They are also a certified seed wheat dealer. Evan also does seed treating and custom seed cleaning