2017 Farm Incidents and Fatalities in Kansas

Many news stories use the word "accident", however, safety professionals rarely use this word because "accident" implies an event out of person's control. Research has shown that nearly all injuries are both predictable and preventable, thus, the term "incident" is preferred to describe traumatic farm events.

2017 Farm Incident and Fatality Report








Incident Description








Walking in front of a tractor (driven by his 10-year-old sister) cutting small trees then throwing them in the bucket, when he fell and was run over by the front and rear tires.

4/24/171052SedgwickMale79YesYesWorking on his combine when he fell and suffered fatal injuries.
4/29/171053BartonFemale21NoYesChecking cattle on an ATV when she attempted to make a left turn, she was struck by a car.
4/29/171054BartonFemale19NoNoExtra rider on an ATV that was hit by a car.
4/29/171055ChautauquaMale73YesNoAfter stopping at a stop sign, the operator failed to yield and was struck by an SUV
5/5/171056McPhersonMale9NoYesExtra rider on a tractor mowing pasture when he fell off and was caught in the mowing attachment
5/20/171057HarperMale76NoYesWorking with a chemical sprayer in a field when he extended the boom on the sprayer, making contact with an electrical line, electrocuting him. 
5/29/171058AtchisonMale64NoYesSpraying thistle when his ATV rolled over, pinning him underneath.
5/30/171059HodgemanMale55YesYesPronounced dead after the ATV he was operating when down an embankment and rolled.
6/26/171060RileyMale51NoNoThe sprayer boom this farm hand used struck an electrical line, which electrocuted him and set the sprayer on fire.
7/23/171061GrahamMale59NoYesHe was working cattle at the time of his incident.
7/28/171062FinneyMale66YesYesWhen he turned his equipment around in the ditch, the anhydrous hose was knocked loose and he was unable to escape the fumes.
1063RushMale49YesNoDegloved his thumb when it got caught between a steer and a gate hinge.
8/4/171064PrattMale67NoNoLetting his niece and nephew take turns driving his tractor when he fell off and was ran over by the rear tire. His injuries included 22 broken ribs.
9/4/171065PottawatomieMale50YesYesPulling a hay trailer when the tractor overturned.

There have been 9 fatal and 6 non-fatal agriculture related incidents reported in 2017. 

We collect this information from news clippings and word of mouth and want you to be aware that this list is NOT inclusive of all farm incidents in Kansas.  There is no way to tell how many of these incidents go unreported and are therefore not represented in our data.

Our database contains Kansas agriculture related fatality statistics since 1980. Contact the Safety Division for more information

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