2017 State Safety Poster Program

In an effort to reduce accidents by developing "safety-minded" youth, Kansas Farm Bureau has sponsored a Safety Poster Program since 1950. Each year, youth in grades 1 through 6 participate statewide. Posters are judged at the county level with the first place poster from each of the three divisions submitted for judging at the state level.

The top five posters from each division are below, as well as results from the 2017 program.

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Division I - Junior Division (1st & 2nd Grade)

  • 1st Marcus Thielenhaus, Rush County
  • 2nd Leah Warta, Ellsworth County
  • 3rd Stephanie Crawford, Jackson County
  • 4th Reece Stickney, Barton County
  • 5th Emma Good, Anderson County

Honorable Mentions

  • Taegan Oldham (Kearny County)
  • Landon Patty (Labette County)
  • Brooke Hamel (Graham County)
  • Izabelle Depiesse (Russell County)
  • Hannah Winter (Scott County)

Division II - Intermediate Division (3rd & 4th Grade)

  • 1st Avery DuVall, Labette County
  • 2nd Tayler Koehn, Scott County
  • 3rd Ayla Rush, Doniphan County
  • 4th Clara Thielenhaus, Rush County
  • 5th Kory Anschutz, Pratt County

Honorable Mentions

  • Emmet Couch (Wilson County)
  • Logan Harris (Greeley County)
  • Brynn Johnson (Logan County)
  • Cyren Hearron (Pottawatomie County)
  • Codi Schoenhoff (Reno County)

Division III - Senior Division (5th & 6th Grade)

  • 1st Taylor Gray, Labette County
  • 2nd Abby Vail, Butler County
  • 3rd Madison Zerr, Gove County
  • 4th Mackayla Miller, Scott County
  • 5th Tracy Nation, Pratt County

Honorable Mentions

  • Andrea Schoenberger (Logan County)
  • Josephine Lehman (Greeley County)
  • Patricia Shelton (Leavenworth County)
  • Samantha Unruh (Kearny County)
  • Emily Franco (Haskell County)