2018 Farm Fatalities in Kansas

2018 Farm Fatalities in Kansas

Many news stories use the word "accident", however, safety professionals rarely use this word because "accident" implies an event out of person's control. Research has shown that nearly all injuries are both predictable and preventable, thus, the term "incident" is preferred to describe traumatic farm events.

2018 Fatality Report






Incident Description

3/10/181075ShawneeMale80Working on a tractor when it went over a wood pile and a fence, then it and an outbuilding caught fire. According to authorities, exact details may never be known.
4/16/181072RenoMale34Setting t-posts using a skid steer when the bucket became separated, hitting him in the head.
5/7/181073ChaseMale58Working cattle when a calf ran in front of his horse causing them to fall. The horse then rolled over him twice.
5/14/181074OttawaMale66Parked his tractor in neutral on an incline and it rolled over him after he got off.
7/20/181076RawlinsFemale79Pinning up the wings of a plow sweep when the tractor her husband was operating hit the sweep, which then struck her causing fatal injuries.

Five fatal agriculture related incidents have been reported in Kansas so far this year. Our database contains information related to fatal agriculture related incidents since 1980. Contact the Safety Division for more information.

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