Leadership KFB 2018

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Kansas Farm Bureau is taking applications for Class 4 of the Leadership KFB program, beginning in 2018.  Created with the purpose of developing grassroots leaders, Leadership KFB focuses on creating influential, thought-leaders who will choose to engage, create change, and look for solutions, not only in agriculture, but in counties and communities across the state. It is designed to enhance skills through the design of the curriculum and opportunities provided as a part of the personalized and unique learning experience. Each session will provide the participants the chance to gain understanding about their personal leadership style, as well as different approaches to problem-solving and conflict resolution. Additionally, training in communication skills ranging from public speaking to traditional and social media will be a focus of the program. Finally, this program allows participants to engage with issues across the state and learn from the leaders in the industry through experiential sessions and tours.

For dates of the program, more information and to download the application, visit:  All applications should be submitted electronically with a deadline of October 1, 2017.