Save the Soil Challenge Now Open!

Save the Soil Challenge Now Open!

Only 11% of our Earth’s land surface has the topsoil considered suitable for producing food. In the United States alone, we are losing at least 3 billion tons of topsoil a year to erosion! Without topsoil, our land becomes a desert and is not capable of producing food. Ready to dig deep to save the soil? Check out the current challenge page for the fall challenge that runs August 15th – November 1st!

Your prototype must address the following needs:

  • Address local erosion concerns
  • Reduce topsoil erosion

Success will be determined by

  • Design, create and test a topsoil erosion simulation model which demonstrates a measurable reduction of topsoil erosion.
  • Produce a presentation which shows the topsoil reduction model in use and communicates results.
  • Posting a picture or short presentation showcasing the team’s prototype to social media using #PurplePlowChallenge.

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