Workshops Round 1: 9:45 a.m.

The Hot Water Topics in Kansas -- Alcove

Speaker: Kent Askren, KFB Public Policy Director

This workshop will provide an update on some of the more pressing water topics in Kansas such as water transfers and LEMAs in addition to an overview of water issues likely to be part of the 2017 Kansas legislature.

Pies, Popcorn, and Pressure Cookin’:  Here Come the Holidays!  -- Tuttle/McDowell

Speaker: Chef Alli, Chef, Speaker, TV Personality

Join Chef Alli in the kitchen for some of her favorite “homemade” pies, party treats and helpful holiday pressure cooker recipes. Christmas parties are just around the corner and Chef Alli wants to help you get your cooking arsenal ready. 

Managing Transitions in Agricultural Markets -- Kaw/Big Basin

Speaker: Darrell Holaday, Advanced Market Concepts/Country Futures

This presentation will give the market outlook for grains and meat.

Small Data, Big Data and Everything In Between -- Kings

Speaker: Brian McCornack, Associate Professor, KSU Department of Entomology

Dr. McCornack will discuss the role and value of precision agriculture to Kansas farmers, more specifically the use of and access to big data for making management decisions. Participants will get an overview of current research being conducted at KSU, ranging from big data analytics to more efficient use of Kansas State Research and Extension online resources. An update on myFields. info, a web-based decision support system, and how it is being leveraged to push alerts and notifications to stakeholders battling sugarcane aphid in sorghum will also be provided. 

Advocacy at the Local Level -- Konza 

Speakers: Sandy Manner, KFB District 4 Administrator, Paige Pratt, KFB District 1 Administrator, and Jill Casten, KFB Senior Director of Training & Education

Advocacy work is often most impactful at the local level. The results are felt immediately, so your work as a county Farm Bureau is more visible and valued to the local producer members. In this session, we’ll focus on advocacy as a part of the local mission of each county Farm Bureau. Success stories and examples will be shared, along with additional ideas and suggestions on activities you can implement at the county level. 

Oil and Gas Development and the Kansas Farmer -- Flint Hills

Speaker: David Pierce, Director, Washburn’s Oil and Gas Law Center

This session examines the law governing the ownership and development of oil and gas in Kansas with a special focus on landowner concerns such as land-use conflicts.

Workshops Round 2: 10:45 a.m.

Antibiotics and Food Animal Production in the United States -- Kaw/Big Basin

Speaker: Dr. Dan Thomson, KSU College of Veterinary Medicine

This presentation will discuss the role of antibiotics in food animal production in the United States as well as producer programs and new laws surrounding antibiotics on the farm. 

U.S. Grains Council – Your Global Market Development Partner -- Flint Hills 

Speaker: Kimberly Atkins, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Grains Council

Kimberly Atkins will provide an overview of the U.S. Grains Council, the current market situation and a run-down of their key programs and efforts in 2017. 

Key Concepts in Farm Income Tax & Estate Planning -- Kings

Speaker: Roger McEowen, Professor, KFB Agricultural Law and Taxation,Washburn University School of Law

This session will provide insight into important income tax planning strategies for farmers and addresses common estate planning concepts in the era of higher exemptions, lower rates and portability of the federal estate tax exemption.

Click Here for notes on Professor McEowen's Presentation

It Starts with You - Take Advantage of the Many Opportunities to Get Involved with KFB -- Konza 

Speakers: Leadership KFB Grads

At the heart of every member lies an initial interest in some aspect of KFB’s mission of advocacy, education or service.  In this session, learn from some of your fellow members the variety of programs, committees and trainings provided by KFB to engage our members across the 105 counties in our state.  Through their own personal experiences, they’ll share what they’ve gained and give exposure to some of the new programming and efforts taking place to better serve our leaders. Leave with a list of ways to tap into your own interests through KFB’s many opportunities to get involved.

Computer Weather Forecasts Pulling Back the Curtain: How Predictions are Made -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speaker: Mark Larson, KWCH

This session will discuss weather forecasting accuracy and fundamentals as well as demonstrate how computer forecasts are used as tools to make meteorological predictions.

Changes, Challenges and Opportunity:  An Outlook for Agriculture -- Alcove

Speaker: Yance Farney, Marketing Representative, Koch Fertilizer, LLC

The agricultural sector is facing a period of change and transformation. What are the long-term prospects for agriculture? This session will dive into both the short-term challenges and the long-term opportunities that lie ahead for those in the agriculture and agribusiness community.

Workshops Round 3: 2:45 p.m.

What’s New with the Conservation Stewardship Program in 2017 -- Alcove

Speaker: Monty Breneman, Assistant State Conservationist for Programs, NRCS

The Conservation Stewardship Program has changed dramatically for 2017. This session will provide an overview of those changes as well as what farmers and ranchers may expect to hear when they contact their local USDA Service Center to apply for CSP.

New President, New Congress, New State Legislature; New Hope? -- Kaw/Big Basin

Speakers: KFB Lobby Team Members

The 2016 political season has come and gone. This workshop will tackle issues like where agriculture stands heading into 2017, what KFB needs to prepare for and why you should care.

County Ideas & Resources Exchange -- Konza

Speakers: Paige Pratt, KFB District 1 Administrator and Sandy Manner, KFB District 4 Administrator

Attend this workshop to network with other county coordinators and learn about four successful programs/events, three outside organizations who can assist you with programming, a multitude of resources available and AFE applications.

From the Consumer’s Mouth to Your Ears: An Open Discussion with Consumers about Agriculture -- Kings 

Moderators:  Stacey Forshee, KFB board of director for the District 5 and Meagan Cramer, KFB Director of Communications and Marketing 

Most consumers have no connection to farming and ranching but we assume they should know what we do and trust what happens on our farms. Part of cracking the code on consumer perceptions involves listening and learning to those we want to impact. This workshop will provide an opportunity to hear directly from consumers who have no connection to agriculture. We’ll talk about their thoughts and perceptions as it relates to farming with a goal of finding ways to relate to their concerns and current level of ag understanding. Consumer panels can sometimes be tough to hear, but it’s the exact people we need to connect with if we want to continue the farming way of life.

Kansas Department of Agriculture Update -- Tuttle/McDowell

Speakers: Jackie McClaskey, KDA Secretary, Russell Plaschka, KDA Workforce Development Specialist, Chad Bontrager, KDA Deputy Secretary, Susan Metzger and Josh Roe, KDA Assistant Secretary

In this session Secretary Jackie McClaskey will provide a general agency overview and update focusing on Growth Strategies for the agricultural industry. The session will also include an overview of the Agricultural Workforce Survey results, update on the Governor’s Water Vision and proposed 2017 water related legislation, and an overall 2017 legislative overview.

Executing A Successful Risk Management Plan in 2017 & Beyond -- Flint Hills

Speaker: Devin Schierling, Team Marketing Alliance 

The emphasis of this session will be on executing and identifying different risk management tools that that are available to producers to manage their farms profitability. The focus will be on combining federal crop insurance, private insurance products, and grain marketing programs to maximize your farms revenue potential.

Workshop Round 4: 3:45 p.m.

The Farm Financial Situation -- Kaw/Big Basin

Speaker: Allen Featherstone, Professor, KSU Agricultural Economics Department Head, MAB Program Director

The agricultural economy in Kansas has deteriorated over the last 18 months with net farm incomes reported by the Kansas Farm Management Association dropping from roughly $120,000 per farm in 2014 to $4,500 in 2015.  This session will examine the current situation and provide a discussion regarding what the future may hold in production agriculture.

Managing Your Farm’s Future -- Tuttle/McDowell

Speakers: Char Henton, KAMS Mediation Coordinator, Forrest Buhler, KAMS Staff Attorney, and Duane Hund, Director, KSRE Farm Financial Analyst Program

An uncertain farm economic forecast creates a strain on finances and relationships. A team with Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services (KAMS) will share information about resources available to help navigate through uncertain times. Through a toll-free number, KAMS provides a network of financial analysts, attorneys and mediators with experience in helping producers. The KSU Farm Analyst Program will highlight how on-farm, low-cost program uses the FinPack computer program to look at profitability of the current operation and the feasibility of various options if changes are needed.

Dig Into Feeding the World with Soil -- Konza

Speaker: Melissa Bigge, KS Regional Representative, Nutrients for Life Foundation

Scientists estimate the earth will hold 9 billion people by 2050.  How will we feed all these additional people sustainably? The answer is soil nutrients. This workshop includes hands-on activities about soil science that can be replicated in the classroom, such as a soil to plate activity. By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with soil science materials, activities and resources.

The Cattlemen to Consumer Relationship -- Flint Hills 

Speaker:  Kara Lee, Supply Programs Manager, Certified Angus Beef 

Though the pasture and the plate are many steps removed from each other, the pull-through demand for high-quality beef at the consumer level plays a key role in the success of cattle ranchers. From meat preferences at the point of purchase to general perceptions of the beef community, the consumer’s opinion is a valuable one. Learn how the Certified Angus Beef ® brand is engaging with customers to enhance their confidence in the beef industry. 

What did Congress actually do when it comes to GMO Labeling? -- Kings 

Speaker:  Andrew Walmsley, Director, AFBF Congressional Relations 

This session will recap the fight over GMO labeling from ballot initiatives to the battle in Congress.  It will also lay out next steps as USDA implements the rule and what Farm Bureau members can do in the future to defend agricultural innovation.