Workshops Round 1: 9:45 a.m.

Water Law, Impairments, LEMA and More -- Flint Hills

Speakers: Burke Griggs, Washburn University School of Law; Kent Askren, KFB Public Policy Director

This workshop will address Kansas Water Law and water rights, including water right impairments and Local Enhanced Management Areas (LEMA). Water rights are real property rights and water is a common resource in Kansas. Tough decisions lie ahead with protecting and sustaining the natural resource while respecting private property rights. We’ll also review modifications to the Aquifer, Storage and Recovery (ASR) project, which is a multi-million-dollar artificial recharge project proposed by the City of Wichita in the Equus Beds Aquifer.

The Future of Your Farm Organization  -- Kaw Nation/Big Basin

Speakers: Rich Felts, President, Kansas Farm Bureau; Terry Holdren, CEO/General Counsel, Kansas Farm Bureau

Kansas Farm Bureau will soon celebrate its centennial year. As we reflect on past work and programs, we also begin planning for future successes. Bring your questions to this Q&A session featuring Pres. Rich Felts and CEO Terry Holdren.

Finding a Social Media Platform to Tell Your Kansas Farm Bureau Story -- Alcove

Speakers: Leadership KFB Class III

Becoming a leader can seem like a daunting task, especially in our social media world. Leadership KFB is a great way to take the first step. Learn about KFB, gain a personal understanding of your leadership style and practice engaging in discussions about issues across the state. Hear how members from Class III developed the leadership skills necessary to find a social media platform to share their story. Take the first step.

Preparedness, Response and Recovery - Approaching Emergency Management from a Rural Perspective -- Kings

Speaker: David Hogg, Kansas Department of Agriculture

Disasters can and do happen anywhere. The response to such events can look different depending on the size of the jurisdiction affected. In rural communities, there is often an all-hands-on-deck approach to the response and recovery efforts. This session will highlight ways families and individuals can take an active approach in all phases of an incident while preparing for the threats and hazards that may affect their homes, farms, animals and businesses.

Fast, Delicious and All Done Up! Make-Ahead Holiday Recipes -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speaker: Chef Alli, Chef, Speaker, TV Personality

What’s the best way to feel prepared and organized during the holidays? Creating as much as you can ahead of time. Time is our most precious ingredient, especially during the holidays, so getting started now to stock your fridge and freezer with some goodies is essential to feeling in control later when things get hectic.
Join Chef Alli as she prepares some of her holiday make-ahead favorites for you using special ingredients made by From the Land of Kansas companies: No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars, Holiday Brunch Braid, Crumble-Top Chicken Pot Pie and Orange Pecan French Toast Bake Braid, Crumble-Top Chicken Pot Pie and Orange Pecan French Toast Bake.

Workshops Round 2: 11:00 a.m.

Legal Foundation Update -- Flint Hills

Speaker: Wendee Grady, Kansas Farm Bureau

Meet the new foundation director and participate in a discussion of the legal issues currently being monitored by the KFB Legal Foundation.

Crop Insurance Update and Overview -- Kings 

Speakers: Steve Vollrath, Agra View LLC; Amy Roeder, Agra View LLC

Join Agra View LLC to learn more about crop insurance basics, whole farm revenue program, recordkeeping requirements, pasture, rangeland forage, annual forage, apiculture, livestock insurance and FSA’s NAP, LIP and LFP.

Farm Bill Update -- Kaw Nation/Big Basin

Speaker: Mary Kay Thatcher, American Farm Bureau Federation

Get an update on where we are in the farm bill process and take a look at where we are likely headed.

Keeping Your County Farm Bureau Thriving -- Alcove 

Speakers: Sandy Manner, Kansas Farm Bureau; Pam Dankenbring, Kansas Farm Bureau

Bring your best ideas to share and plan to learn even more with round table discussions geared toward improving the work of your county Farm Bureau.

Transportation Regulations for the Kansas Farmer -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speakers: Mike Hoeme, Kansas Corporation Commission; LT. Keith Mintzmyer, Kansas Highway Patrol

Learn what and how motor carrier statutes and interstate regulations affect your farm operation with representatives from the Kansas Corporation Commission and the Kansas Highway Patrol.

Workshops Round 3: 3:00 p.m.

Can Stem Cells Change Your Life? -- Kings

Speaker: Dr. Frank C. Lyons, Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center

Kansas Farm Bureau introduced a new member benefit this year with Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center (KRMC). This workshop provides the opportunity to learn what stem cell therapy is and how it is helping many different people with a variety of conditions get back to doing what they love faster and without invasive surgery.

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Update on the Farm Economy -- Kaw Nation/Big Basin

Speaker: Dr. John Newton, American Farm Bureau Federation

The cure for high prices is high prices, and now following record crop and livestock production in the U.S. and overseas, commodity prices and U.S. net farm income are approaching the low levels experienced early this decade. Dr. Newton will review the impact of lower farm income on farm financial indicators and will provide an outlook for the U.S. agricultural economy.

Growing Your Membership -- Alcove

Speakers: Kansas Farm Bureau Membership & Promotion Committee

This session will cover ideas for county membership promotion strategies. It will also cover the current KFB member benefits program to ensure county volunteers can help their members maximize their discounts.

An Introduction to NASS Census and Survey Programs -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speaker: Doug Bounds, Kansas State Statistician

NASS crop reports are often misunderstood and sometimes criticized but in fact are incredibly accurate and beneficial to farmers and ranchers. These reports provide vital information to policy makers, data used to calculate farm safety net payments and most important, timely and unbiased assessments of crop and livestock production. Doug Bounds, our state statistician will provide an overview of the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) estimation program and the upcoming Census of Agriculture.

Agritourism in Kansas -- Flint Hills

Speakers: Jay Schwinn, Schwinn Produce Farm; Jamie Kaminkow, P and M Pumpkin Ranch; Frank Gieringer, Gieringer’s Orchard

Members of Kansas Farm Bureau’s Emerging Issues Committee on Agritourism will participate in a panel discussion regarding how agritourism business operators have addressed challenges and created successes.

Workshop Round 4: 4:15 p.m.

How to Tell Your Story -- Flint Hills

Speaker: Rick McNary, Writer and Photographer

Have you been encouraged to tell your story, but don’t know how? Or, perhaps, you want to learn new tricks to help better tell the story you already share? Learn the simple, but powerful, ways you can tell your story of agriculture through speaking, writing, photography and videos. Discover the fundamentals of crafting a compelling story and finding the right audience with which to share it.

What’s the Latest with Unmanned Aircraft Systems? -- Kings

Speakers: Bob Brock, Kansas Department of Transportation; Kurt Carraway, Kansas State Polytechnic

In this workshop, experts will share the latest information regarding UAS regulation and agricultural research in our state, showcasing why Kansas remains in the forefront of this revolutionary technology.

Topeka Update -- Kaw Nation/Big Basin

Speakers: KFB Lobby Team

The KFB Lobby Team will provide an update from the 2017 Kansas legislative session and what to look forward to in the 2018 session. They will also discuss the 2018 election season followed by a Q&A with members.

Engaging the Next Generation of Ag Leaders -- Alcove 

Speakers: Kansas Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee

Successful farmers don’t just think about the next crop, they make investments in their operations that will yield positive results in the long run. Likewise, successful organizations must work now to ensure a bright future and engaging today’s high school students is essential in building a pipeline of Farm Bureau members and leaders. Come to this session to hear new ideas and discuss best practices for working with youth organizations in your community.

Transitioning the Farm or Ranch to Subsequent Generations -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speaker: Roger McEowen, Professor, KFB Agricultural Law and Taxation, Washburn University School of Law

This session will review practical approaches to structuring the farm or ranch business to facilitate transfer of the farmland and operational assets to the next generation. Consideration will be given to the interests of on-farm and off-farm heirs, and the various exit strategies for the current operators. Also discussed will be the tax and non-tax benefits of multiple entities, and recent court developments and rulings that have bearing on the transition issue for farmer and ranchers.