Workshops Round 1: 9:45 a.m.

AirMedCare Network – Your Local Air Ambulance Provider -- Flint Hills

Speakers: Linda Barnes, Membership Sales Manager, AirMedCare Network

If you or a family member experience a life- or limb-threatening emergency, AirMedCare’s (AMCN) alliance of air ambulances can provide medical transport, dramatically reducing travel time to an emergency treatment facility. With an AMCN membership, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll have no out-of-pocket expenses if flown by an AMCN provider. Learn more about KFB’s member benefit, AirMedCare Network and its coverage area of more than 320 locations across 38 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Rural Broadband in Kansas -- Kaw Nation/Big Basin

Speakers:  Stanley Adams, Kansas Department of Commerce / Wendee Grady, Kansas Farm Bureau

Learn more about Kansas Farm Bureau’s participation in the MF-II Challenge, when KFB members stepped up to challenge the legitimacy of coverage maps from various major cellular carriers in Kansas. What did we learn and how will our efforts help provide better broadband in rural Kansas? We will also discuss efforts the state has made to improve access to broadband in rural Kansas.

Land Values and Rental Rates -- Alcove

Speakers:  Dr. Mykel Taylor, Kansas State University

This session will cover information on Kansas agricultural land values and trends. We will discuss the factors driving the land market and how farmers and ranchers may be affected by lease rates in a tough economic environment.

Why You Should Tell Your Story -- Kings

Speaker: Rick McNary, Vice President of Private and Public Partnerships for The Outreach Program

Do you feel like your story of farming and ranching really matters? Are you discouraged in your efforts to tell your story and need new motivation and ideas? This interactive workshop is designed to help you find the “why” that will serve as a framework for every story you tell. In addition, you’ll discover new ways and new audiences to share your story with purpose and impact. Your story matters to the world and the world is waiting to hear it.

Holiday Cookin’ with Chef Alli: Let’s Celebrate! -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speaker: Chef Alli Winter, Chef, Speaker, TV Personality

Join Chef Alli in the “Let’s Get Cookin'” Kitchen for delicious holiday recipes your family and guests will love.

Workshops Round 2: 10:40 a.m.

Can Stem Cells Change Your Life? -- Flint Hills

Speaker: Dr. Andrew Pope, Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center

Learn how using your own fat-derived stem cells can help treat a variety of medical conditions - potentially avoiding traditional invasive surgery, and/or reducing or eliminating common medications - with little to no downtime. Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center is a valuable KFB member benefit provider.

Finding Your Voice -- Kings 

Speakers: Leadership KFB Class 4

Do you have the confidence to jump in and tell your story, regardless of the audience or platform? During the past year, seven Kansas Farm Bureau members found their voice through conversations with elected officials, tailored training and the opportunity to experience various sectors of agriculture. Join Leadership KFB’s Class 4 to learn how much a difference one year can make, and how their growth is propelling them forward to a new level of leadership,engagement and success. Allow them to inspire you to take the next step forward in your own life.

Applying Ag Technology to My Farm -- Alcove

Speaker: Aaron Horinek, Thomas County / Mike Deaver, Finney County / Lynda Foster Bourbon County

Hear from four Farm Bureau in members in Kansas and how they use ag technology and precision ag tools on their farms. They’ll touch on what it does, what went into their decision to adopt this technology, who’s on their “technology team,” and what they’re doing to protect their farms’ data.

Water: It’s Up in the Air -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speakers:  Kent Askren, Kansas Farm Bureau

KFB water specialist Kent Askren will highlight the many changes and challenges happening in the Kansas water arena. Change is inevitable, but with recently concluded elections and key retirements, there will soon be a new crop of leaders which makes sound water law and the protections it provides of paramount importance. Significant water debates are ongoing dealing with aquifer storage and recovery, impairment, water transfers and pending legal challenges. All while we are transitioning in leadership, which makes for some interesting times.

Farm Bill Update -- Kaw Nation/Big Basin 

Speakers: Dale Moore, American Farm Bureau Federation / Ryan Flickner, Kansas Farm Bureau

Get an update on where we are in the farm bill process and take a look at where we are likely headed.

Workshops Round 3: 3:00 p.m.

The Power of Advocacy -- Kings

Speaker: Mace Thornton, American Farm Bureau Federation / Dale Moore, American Farm Bureau Federation

Learn what fuels Farm Bureau’s advocacy effort at the national level, from issue management and strategic planning to message development and consumer engagement. Learn how American Farm Bureau Federation works with coalitions and develops resources that can help you succeed as an advocate for agriculture.

The Kansas Farm Economy Situation and Outlook -- Kaw Nation/Big Basin

Speaker: Dr. Allen Featherstone, Kansas State University

This session will provide an update of the current farm financial situation in Kansas including some discussion of factors in the macro economy affecting the production agriculture sector. The session will conclude with some thoughts regarding what may happen for 2019 and 2020.

Animal Disease Traceability: Then and Now -- Alcove

Speakers: Dr. Justin Smith, Kansas Animal Health Commissioner

What is the federal Animal Disease Traceability rule and how has Kansas responded to it? This workshop will outline progress made and what the future may hold. Attendees will also hear a brief overview of the Kansas pilot traceability program, CattleTrace, and the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s initiative of implementing Secure Food Supply plans.

USDA Panel Discussion -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speaker: USDA Agency Staff

Hear the latest on USDA programs with representatives from RMA, FSA, Rural Development and NRCS with an opportunity to ask your questions.

Membership Discussion -- Flint Hills

Speakers: Members of KFB’s Membership & Promotion Committee

Membership is the lifeblood of Farm Bureau—at the local, state and national levels. What are the trends and challenges all of us must adapt to so we can encourage membership, while acknowledging the need for change and growth? This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity for discussion, brainstorming and problem solving so Farm Bureau continues to be a strong membership organization.

Workshop Round 4: 4:15 p.m.

Three Buckets: Membership, Engagement and Structure -- Flint Hills

Speaker: Amy France, Wichita County / Jacquelyne Leffler, Lyon County / Mike Matson, Kansas Farm Bureau

The future of Kansas agriculture can be summed up in four words: larger farms, fewer farmers. To coincide with KFB’s centennial celebration, your farm organization is halfway through a two-year effort to ensure it has meaning in the lives of those who make a purposeful choice to belong. Learn what your fellow Farm Bureau members are saying about how their farm organization needs to change.

Management 101 for the County Farm Bureau -- Kings

Speakers: Wendee Grady, Kansas Farm Bureau / Julie Schurle, Kansas Farm Bureau

We will discuss accounting, governance and other day-to-day management issues facing county Farm Bureaus. Attendees will learn, or get a refresher on, IRS regulations placed on nonprofits, the duties of a board member and how to maintain corporate records.

Health Care – Where Have We Been, How Did We Get Here and Where are We Going ? -- Kaw Nation/Big Basin

Speakers: Steve Kammeyer, Farm Bureau Financial Services

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) changed the landscape of the individual health insurance market in the United States. It created solutions for things that weren’t working, but created a whole new set of problems that need to be addressed. This workshop will walk through the last several years, talk about what the current options are and talk about some of the things we may see in the future election season, followed by a Q&A with members.

Ag Education Opportunities -- Alcove 

Speakers: Serita Blankenship, Kansas Farm Bureau

Kansas Farm Bureau’s agricultural education program has new opportunities available for 2019. You’ll learn more about the new structure, participate in educational hands-on activities and walk away with tools to help you engage with consumers of all ages.

Estate, Business and Income Tax Planning in the Post-TCJA Era; What it Means for Your Farming and Ranching Business -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speaker: Roger McEowen, Washburn University School of Law

Learn how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) impacts your farming and ranching business and what you can do to take advantage of the new rules. The new rules have significant implications for income tax planning strategies. In addition, the TCJA has significant implications for the proper structure of the farming business from a tax and succession planning standpoint. This session will explore the implications of the new flat 21 percent corporate tax rate and the 20 percent deduction for pass-through businesses and sole proprietorships. While the federal estate tax has virtually no application to the majority of farming and ranching businesses, that doesn’t mean estate planning shouldn’t be engaged in.

Click Here for presentation materials for Roger McEowen's workshop