Workshops Round 1: 9:45 a.m.

Weathering Tough Times in Agriculture: Managing Stress Successfully -- Flint Hills

Speakers: Charlie Griffin, KSU School of Family Studies and Human Services

The financial challenges of the past five years in agriculture have tested farmers’ and ranchers’ ability to manage stress and maintain positive mental health for themselves, their families, and their communities. The session will take a realistic look at the stresses, but more importantly point to helpful coping skills, tools for supporting others, and available resources for those in need of support.


Using Trade Policy as Your Competitive Edge -- Kaw Nation/Big Basin

Speaker:  Karyn Page, Kansas Global Trade Services

There are a lot of recent changes in trade policy that impact businesses of all sizes. Learn what’s going on, how to be proactive and what’s next. This session will cover updates on ExIm Bank, USMCA/NAFTA, Tariffs (Section 232 alum & steel and Section 301 Chinese imports) and why they matter to you. Join Kansas Global as they share how companies can better navigate and leverage policy as their competitive edge.


County YF&R Program Success -- Alcove

Speakers:  Carrie Fraser and Jerri Whitley, 2019 YF&R State Committee

Are you a county YF&R chair wondering how to do your job well or a leader looking for advice on how to get young people in your county involved in Farm Bureau? This session is for you! Current state YF&R committee members will share what they’ve learned and point you to resources and best practices for strong YF&R engagement.


Social Media Advocacy – Tackling the Elephant One Bite at a Time -- Kings

Speaker: Anna Curry, Katie Greenwood, Jamie Lindamood and Amy Perrier - Greenwood County Cattlewomen

The presenters will summarize their social media journey and provide a crash course to starting your own advocacy efforts.


Effortless Meals for the Holiday Season -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speaker: Chef Alli Winter, Chef, Speaker, TV Personality

As if we don’t already have enough to do, we go and add the holiday season to our busy schedules at the end of the year. That’s precisely why (and when!) we need some easy, tasty meals we can whip up in a flash to keep the family fed, full and happy. Join Chef Alli in the KFB “kitchen” to see what she has in mind to keep your holiday mealtime stress-free and streamlined.


Workshops Round 2: 10:40 a.m.

Working Lands for Wildlife and Conservation Programs -- Flint Hills

Speakers: Dean Krehbiel USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service
Jake George Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
Jason Luginbill and Chris O’Meilia U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ecological Services, Kansas Field Office

This workshop is an introduction to conservation programs through the 2018 Farm Bill, KDWPT private land programs (Habitat First and walkin hunting access) and a review of the USFWS authorities under the Endangered Species Act. Learn how species are listed as threatened or endangered, what happens after a species is listed and the variety of opportunities and tools available to the landowners/managers that can be implemented to inform pre- and postlisting decisions.


Vote FBF 101 -- Kings 

Speakers: Ben Pinkston and Brenden Wirth, Kansas Farm Bureau

Voters Organized to Elect Farm Bureau Friends (VOTE FBF) is Kansas Farm Bureau’s political action fund to support the campaigns of pro-agriculture candidates. In this workshop we will explore VOTE FBF’s history, purpose, and process. Join us to see how you can be involved in this grassroots effort!


Find Your Leadership Style -- Alcove

Speaker: Leadership KFB Class V

Through interactive round table discussions, Leadership KFB Class V will walk you through various leadership styles. Dive deep into your strengths, elevator speeches, emotional intelligence and what those have to do with Kansas agriculture. This is your opportunity to strengthen your approach to leadership in just 50 minutes. Expect to leave with next steps and practical implementation for your Farm Bureau story. Join Leadership KFB to find your style!


The Current State of Affairs for Animal Agriculture in Washington, D.C. -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speaker:  Scott Bennett American Farm Bureau Federation

This workshop is a deep dive into all things livestock ag policy from a federal level.


Kansas Land Values -- Kaw Nation/Big Basin 

Speaker: Dr. Mykel Taylor Kansas State University

Dr. Taylor will discuss recent trends in Kansas land values and rental rates.


Workshops Round 3: 3:00 p.m.

Hitch Pin -- Kings

Speaker: Trevor McKeeman, HitchPin

HitchPin, an app designed by farmers, right here in Manhattan and operating nationwide, is a technology that allows producers to buy and sell hay and list and hire ag services in minutes. In a tough ag economy, finding new tools to stay profitable, pay off equipment or hire services without wasting all day on the phone can make a serious difference in your farms’ profit, and ultimately, ability to continue for another generation. This session is designed for young and beginning farmers, those who have a new generation joining their farming operation, or those who are eager to see technology that can simplify their business.

Medicare Basics -- Kaw Nation/Big Basin

Speaker: Erin Petersilie, Kansas Farm Bureau

Starting Medicare can be a confusing time. It’s critical to make the right decisions at the right time to avoid penalties and also ensure you are covered for future medical needs. We will give you a lay of the land for Medicare, the pieces you will need, when you will need them and how to get them. This session is designed for those going onto Medicare in the next year or two, are new to Medicare, or are a caretaker of an individual on Medicare.


County Best Practices -- Alcove

Speakers: KFB’s Membership & Promotion Committee

Join the Kansas Farm Bureau Membership & Promotion Committee for round-table discussions about effective annual meetings, legislative engagement, using technology to promote KFB and county Farm Bureaus, education opportunities and available resources.


Rural Broadband: Where We Are at Now and Where We Are Going -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speaker: Megan Nelson, American Farm Bureau Federation

This workshop is an update on the current state of rural broadband dissemination through the lens of policy implementation and new technologies.


2020 Census -- Flint Hills

Speaker: Melinda Stanley and Steve Hale, U.S. Census Bureau

Join Kansas Partnership Specialists Steve Hale and Melinda Stanley for an informative session on the 2020 Census. They will share efforts underway across Kansas to engage Kansas communities, local leaders and stakeholders in the Census effort, the benefits and implications for the decennial count and how local KFB members and communities can play an important role in the effort.


Workshop Round 4: 4:15 p.m.


Maximizing Ggrid-xers’ Profit Potential with Indigo Carbon -- Flint Hills

Speaker: Mike Tweedy, Indigo Ag

As the head of Indigo’s Agronomy team, Mike leads Indigo’s data-driven approach to supporting ggrid-xers in adopting practices that optimize the health, resiliency and profitability of their land. Ggrid-xers can enroll in a new program that pays for sequestering carbon in the soil. Mike will discuss how regenerative practices can benefit ggrid-xers and how Indigo is helping ggrid-xers earn revenue for the carbon that is sequestered or abated through the adoption of regenerative practices via Indigo Carbon program and the Terraton Initiative.

Innovative Agricultural Education Efforts -- Kings

Speakers: Patricia Wolfe, Lakemary Center
Chelsy Champlin, USD #471
Briana Jacobus and Dianne Paukstelis, KS Foundation for Ag in the Classroom
Serita Blankenship, Kansas Farm Bureau

Hear from teachers and other ag professionals about ways they are leading youth to ag knowledge.

Washington, D.C. & Topeka Update -- Kaw Nation/Big Basin

Speakers: KFB Lobby Team

The KFB Lobby Team will provide an update from the 2019 Kansas Legislative Session and what to look forward to in the 2020 session. They will also discuss the 2020 election season and happenings in Washington, D.C., followed by a Q&A with members.

Leading in Times of Change -- Alcove 

Speakers: Kerry Priest, Staley School of Leadership Studies
Pam Dankenbring, Kansas Farm Bureau

Change is part of the daily life of a farmer. Interruptions in schedules, plans and weather require constant adaptability, but how willing and prepared are you for bigger change? Whether it’s change on your farm, your rural community or Farm Bureau, what does it look like to provide good leadership in times of transition? As we look forward to the next 100 years of Farm Bureau and a generational shift on many farms and ranches, we need strong change leaders. If you’re ready to step up, join us for this practical session on leadership and change.

Your Money. Your Retirement. -- Tuttle/McDowell 

Speaker: Mat Gleason, Grover Musser and Kirk Pederson, Farm Bureau Financial Services

Retirement planning can be challenging. No matter what stage of life you’re in, experts from Farm Bureau Financial Services Wealth Management can provide insight to help you navigate planning for your retirement future.