KFB YF&R Leaders Conference

KFB YF&R Leaders Conference

During KFB Young Farmers and Ranchers Leaders Conference, Jan. 26-28, 2018, upload photos to your Instagram or Facebook profile*. Use the hashtag #KFBYFR18 on every post.

On Jan. 26:

Upload a photo to Instagram and/or Facebook of a group photo of your county using the YF&R and Farm Bureau background in the hallway of the conference center. Selfie sticks will be available for use, but be sure to leave them for others. Selfie sticks are for sharing.

On Jan. 27:

Upload a photo to Instagram and/or Facebook saying thank you to a conference sponsor or tradeshow vendor. Creativity is key here, folks. (See below for a list of your YF&R Leaders Conference sponsors and the trade show will be evident who’s there.)

Share what you learn. Today, you will hear different speakers and attend workshops. Upload a photo of your workshop and tell us in the caption how you’re going to use this on your operation.

Noms. At lunch, you will sit with a group who are interested in the same ag or policy topic. Upload a photo of your group with the topic included and what you learned.

On Jan. 28:

Rise and shine! Upload a photo to Instagram and/or Facebook of you or someone from your district catching (or attempting to catch) their pancakes from Chris Cakes. Extra points for one-handed catches!

Accounts that post all four pictures will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. The winner will be announced after breakfast concludes.

That’s $10 per post, guys.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #KFBYFR18 with every post!

*Social media accounts must be public to be eligible.

We gratefully acknowledge these fine supporters of the 2018 KFB YF&R Leaders Conference.