Workshops Round 1 : 10:15 a.m.

Incorporating Bud Boxes into Cattle Working Facilities -- McDowell

Speaker: Dr. Joe Harner, Kansas State University

This session will demonstrate how producers can improve handling facilities to more efficiently move cattle through with minimal human and animal stress. 

Prior, Proper, Planning Precedes Profitable Purchases -- Alcove

Speaker: Dr. Bob Weaber, Kansas State University

Bull buying season is just around the corner for cow-calf producers. Come learn about beef sire selection and pick up some tips to get the most out your purchase.

Tackling Tough Topics in Agriculture Advocacy -- Big Basin / Kaw Nation

Speaker: Dr. Paige Pratt, Kansas Farm Bureau

Learn about the touchy issues in agriculture and how to better communicate technical language for consumers’ understanding.

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Ag for the Next Generation --  Big Blue River / Fort Riley

Speaker: Misty Goetz, State YF&R Committee

A demonstration of using Farm Bureau ag education resources in the elementary classroom and discussion of best practices. This workshop is kid-friendly.

Kansas Land Values and Rental Rates -- Tuttle

Speaker: Dr. Mykel Taylor, Kansas State University

A discussion of current Kansas land values and rental rates in the midst of a commodity price downturn.

Workshops Round 2 : 11:45 a.m.

A Strategic Conversation with KFB’s CEO -- McDowell

Speaker: Terry Holdren, Kansas Farm Bureau

Join Terry and a panel of current and past YF&R members to learn about what KFB does for you, share your strategic thoughts on KFB’s mission and help steer the organization’s future.

Making Cover Crops Make “Cents” -- Tuttle

Speaker: Tom Clayman, Kauffman Seed

Learn how to get more bang from your bucks invested with grazing cover crops.

Resources for Navigating a Challenging Farm Economy -- Alcove

Speaker: Dr. Allen Featherstone, Kansas State University

Speaker: Forrest Buhler, Kansas Agriculture Mediation Services

Review of the financial, legal, and mediation resources available to help farm families explore options and generate solutions to deal with a down farm economy.

Workshops Round 3 : 2:45 p.m.

Pixar Storytelling Lessons for Advocating -- Alcove

Speaker: Lindsay Calvert, American Farm Bureau Federation

“Tell your story” is a phrase that gets used frequently in agriculture. But what does that mean? This session serves as a skills-building exercise for enhancing your ability to deliver your story in an impactful manner following the PIXAR storytelling formula.

Use of Precision Ag Technologies for On-Farm Scouting and Zone Management -- McDowell

Speaker: Dr. Ignacio Ciampitti, Kansas State University

An overview of precision ag technologies you can use for identifying crop production issues and implementing successful on-farm research. Learn to understand the data collected and utilize it for better results.

Top Agricultural Law and Tax Developments of 2016 -- Tuttle 

Speaker: Prof. Roger McEowen, Washburn University School of Law

This session will look back at 2016 to review the most important developments impacting the agricultural sector - farmers and ranchers, rural landowners and agribusinesses. Plus, we’ll take a look at what’s on the horizon for 2017.

Workshops Round 4 : 4:30 p.m.

Women Empowering Women in Agriculture -- Kaw Nation / Big Basin

This session will feature six roundtables for conversations and networking between women in the industry. Whether you’re a farm wife, the sole-operator of your operation or an ag professional, there’s something for everyone. Topics include balancing farmwork + family, ag advocacy, self-care, meal planning, teamwork on the farm and resources for entrepreneurs.

Antibiotics and Food Animal Production -- McDowell

Speaker: Dr. Mike Apley, Kansas State University

The VFD became official earlier this month. Come to this session to make sure you’re in compliance and get answers to your questions about livestock antibiotic usage.

Establishing Lifetime Patterns for Successful Farm and Family Management -- Tuttle

Speaker: Kevin Herbel, Kansas Farm Management Association

Skill in management greatly affects the profitability of a farm and the success of a family.  What is management? Especially, what does it take to manage successfully? How can I manage well when so many things seem to be out of my control? This session will examine some management habits, or patterns, which can help you to move in the direction of managing your farm and family life successfully and help you meet farm and family goals.

Animal Disease Preparedness -- Big Blue River / Ft. Riley

Speaker: Dendra Frasier, Kansas Department of Agriculture

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Videos on the Farm -- Alcove

Speakers: Andi Washburn & Erin Rains, New Boston Creative

We know that millennials and Gen Z love videos. Learn how to create great videos and use them to share the story of agriculture with consumers who are disconnected from the farm. Open to all levels of videographers – novice to expert

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