Workshops Round 1 : 9:45 a.m.

Using Technology to Impact Yield -- Big Blue/Fort Riley

Speaker:  Dr. Ignacio Ciampitti, Kansas State University

This session will show you how to use satellite imagery to better understand yield variation on your farm and more effectively forecast crop yields.

Creating More Value with the Same Resources -- Alcove

Speaker:  Mike Kasten, Quality Beef by the Numbers

This session will explore opportunities to make your cattle herd more profitable.

Precision Ag ROI -- Tuttle

Speaker:  Cory Gilbert, On Target Ag Solutions

This session will use examples and data to demonstrate how to use precision ag data to measure your return on investment. We’ll cover both how to make positive financial decisions for your precision ag usage and generally how to increase your overall ROI.

Being a Doer not a Poser: How to Efficiently Engage in a Rural Community -- McDowell

Speaker:  Ashley Hutchinson, Cloud Corp

Creating positive change in rural America requires everyone bursts out of their individual silos to start working on one team. How can you move to a rural environment or move back home and become a positive agent for change? This session will empower you to communicate effectively and break through the barriers holding your community back.

Dicamba Applicator Training (9:45 to 11:15 a.m.) -- Big Basin/Kaw Nation

Speaker:  Dr. Dallas Peterson, Kansas State University

A review of factors affecting offsite movement of dicamba and best management practices with dicamba applications. This session will fulfill the mandatory training for dicamba use in 2018.

Workshops Rounds 2 & 3

Round 2 : 11:15 a.m.

Round 3: 2:15 p.m.

Engage: The Key to Personal Success -- Alcove

Moderator:  Moderator: Mike Matson, KFB
Panelists: Dan Kerschen, Kansas Senate
Dana Pieper, Rooks County Rancher
Jenny Burgess, Rice County Farmer

Ever wonder what you get from serving in organizations like Farm Bureau? Join this panel of a state legislator, a full-time third generation rancher, and a first generation farmer and ag advocate, to hear how their Farm Bureau involvement translated into personal success.

Benchmarking Farm Financials During Challenging Times -- Tuttle

Speaker:  Robin Reid, Kansas State Agricultural Economics

In these times of low agricultural profitability, knowing your financial ratios and how they compare to similar farms in Kansas can shed light on strengths and weaknesses in the farm business. Join Robin as she shares financial management tools and training for understanding your farm’s financial position.

Keeping it Local - How to Make a Grassroots Impact through Advocacy -- McDowell

Speaker:  Dr. Jill Casten, KFB

Have you ever heard the expression, “It takes a village?” In Farm Bureau we rarely accomplish anything without starting at the county and grassroots level. Finding ways to bring value to members at the local level through advocacy work can have a great impact. Learn about tools and ideas to reinvigorate advocacy in your county Farm Bureau.

Workshops Round 4 : 4 p.m.

Options for Stock Water Development -- Alcove

Speaker:  Herschel George, K-State Research and Extension

With an increased interest in rotational grazing and grazing cover crops, producers are looking for alternate water sources. Learn about traditional and alternative stock water systems and tanks— ponds, springs, solar pumps, limited access to ponds, tire tanks and installing two-inch PVC pipelines through a pond dam full of water.

How Many is Too Many? Running Multiple Prescriptions on a Single Area -- Tuttle

Speaker:  Cory Gilbert, On Target Ag Solutions

At what point do you need to run multiple prescriptions to meet your crop’s needs? We’ll cover soil testing and management zones to discuss variability within a field and how to write and use multiple prescriptions to address each issue individually for maximum success across the field.

Emergency Preparedness and Ways to Help in Disaster Relief -- Big Blue River / Fort Riley

Speaker:  David Hogg, KDA

Disasters can and do happen anywhere. The response to such events can look different depending on the size of the jurisdiction affected. In rural communities, there is often an all-hands-on-deck approach to the response and recovery efforts. This session will highlight ways to take an active approach while preparing for threats that may affect homes, farms, animals and businesses.

Women’s Roundtables -- Kaw Nation / Big Basin

Join other women in ag and choose three tables for 20-minute conversations about issues relevant to your life. Topics and speakers include:

  • Keeping Kids Safe on the Farm -- Beth Holle, Rawlins County Farmer and Serita Blankenship, KFB
  • Making Your Garden Work All Year -- Janet Phillips, Labette County Farmer
  • Women in the Ag Workplace & Boardroom -- Jill Zimmerman, KARL
  • Farmer’s Markets 101 -- Jessica Flory, Douglas County Farmer
  • Positive Risk Taking -- Katie Sawyer, Office of U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall
  • Fit & Filling Meals for Farm Families -- Anna Binder, Rethink Nutrition

Crop Insurance Update and Overview -- McDowell

Speakers:  Steve Vollrath & Amy Roeder, Agra View LLC

Join Agra View LLC to learn more about crop insurance basics, whole farm revenue program, recordkeeping requirements, pasture, rangeland forage, annual forage, apiculture, livestock insurance and FSA’s NAP, LIP and LFP.

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