The KFB Hay & Pasture Exchange

The Hay and Pasture Exchange is an effort of Kansas Farm Bureau developed to better connect those who have hay and pasture with those who do not.

Through the Hay and Pasture Exchange, if you have hay or pasture available, you can either formally list it or view a listing of producer hay and/or pasture that is needed. Likewise, if you need hay or pasture you can formally list those needs on the exchange or view a listing of producer hay and/or pasture that is available.

The Hay and Pasture Exchange is intended as a free service to farmers and ranchers and while accurate to the best of our knowledge, should not be construed as a marketing or brokerage service. It is up to the individual parties to make contact and negotiate acceptable hay prices or pasture rentals. Kansas Farm Bureau can not guarantee the accuracy of any statements or the quality of any hay or pasture offered on the Hay and Pasture Exchange.

All listings will be posted upon completion of entry and remain for 60 days, unless previous discontinuation is authorized.

Special Notice:

Whether online not, and regardless of what you purchase, everyone involved in exchanges of payments for commodities or services should be cautious.

Please be sure all payments, etc. are legitimate in using any exchange, online or otherwise.

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