MANHATTAN -- Chase Holthaus is the first apprentice hired by Seneca-based Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc. through Kansas Farm Bureau’s (KFB) award-winning Rural Kansas Apprenticeship Program (RKAP).

A recent Nemaha Central High School graduate, Holthaus joined Ag Partners as a custom applicator apprentice, and while working fulltime, he’ll receive structured training to apply pesticide and fertilizer products, maintain equipment and provide excellent customer service.

Holthaus says he’s excited to have a full-time job and is looking forward to operating some of the newest application equipment available while learning from others at Ag Partners.

“I am working regular hours and am a full-time employee of Ag Partners,” Holthaus says of his new role. “There is an emphasis on professional development and a structured outline to acquire certain skills and certifications that will help me in my future career.”

Lacey Dalinghaus, Ag Partners’ senior vice president of human resources says RKAP is a valuable tool in recruiting young talent and she’s excited to welcome Holthaus to the team.

“Our partnership with RKAP in our new apprenticeship program brings significant benefits, especially in creating a new recruitment avenue, specifically for high school graduates entering the workforce,” Dalinghaus says. “This not only helps us build a skilled and dedicated workforce, but also supports the local community by offering high school graduates a clear and structured path to gainful employment.”

Ag Partners currently has apprenticeship opportunities for CDL drivers and custom applicators. More information is available at

“Chase is a great example of why Kansas Farm Bureau created RKAP,” says Kylee Stout, KFB business development manager. “RKAP gives employers the ability to create pathways for workers to acquire practical skills that lead to well-paying jobs in any role where a company has a need.”

RKAP helps agriculture-related businesses and those operating in rural Kansas customize apprenticeships based on their needs. RKAP helps businesses develop curriculum and manage reporting requirements associated with an apprenticeship. To learn more, visit or contact Stout at