We are in the heart of what has been termed the “silly season of politics.” I know that for many of us voter fatigue has set in, and I have good news and bad news on that front. The good news is that in about a week or less it will all be over. The bad news is that the next cycle is a presidential election, so you have about six months before that gets cranked up.

Unfortunately, the sheer volume of campaign ads and fliers turns many of us off or makes us numb to the candidates. I get that but you must fight through the urge to ignore all of it and tune it out. This is one of the most critical elections that we as an ag community have faced and this is a call for all hands on deck. It is true that all votes count but when it comes to agriculture that statement has never been truer. Candidates who support agriculture need your vote.

Kansas is becoming increasingly urban and because of that voters in those areas are farther and farther away from agriculture. We are a democracy where the majority rules. Soon we could find ourselves having less of a voice over who represents us and, more importantly, what legislation gets passed. We know laws made in Topeka and Washington D.C. can have huge impacts on how we run our farms and ranches. It is important that we elect representatives that will have our best interests in mind and who understand our business.

That is why the work Voters Organized To Elect Farm Bureau Friends does is so important. They take the opinions from the grassroots level and develop a list of candidates who are friendly to agriculture and will keep our best interests in mind. That work is not done in a couple of days but rather in a painstaking process, making sure that all voices are heard. However, that great work doesn’t mean anything if we don’t get out and vote for those candidates.

While I would like you to vote for the people on that list, and I ask that you take the time to look at it, I just want you to exercise your right to vote. Historically those of us in rural areas have gotten out at higher levels than our urban counterparts, and that amplifies our voice. Lately, that has not been the case and is a trend we need to reverse. If you are really tired of the noise around the election, go vote now. Advanced voting is open, check with your county clerk to find out how. Then it is done and no matter what happens, your voice is heard.

If you are like me and a traditionalist, make sure you get out and vote on Nov. 8. Every vote counts and every vote matters. We have seen it time and time again, even right here in Kansas. Please, look at the list of VOTE FBF endorsed candidates before you make your decision. I cannot stress just how important your vote is. It’s our chance to be a voice for Kansas.