In an effort to enhance engagement on issues that face the farmers and ranchers of Kansas Farm Bureau, the KFB board of directors has implemented an issue engagement project. Approximately once a month, a new topic will be covered by a board member, and our goal is to receive feedback from you, our members.

After reviewing the information, members will have an opportunity to provide input, ask questions and further engage on these issues. Your input will go directly to KFB's board of directors.

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Kansas Farm Bureau exists to strengthen agriculture and the lives of Kansans through advocacy, education and service. The best approach to your success as a member of this organization is to become involved in the activities of your local county Farm Bureau. Take some time to visit with your county Farm Bureau or explore our website at for ways you can get involved.

Most counties have a tremendous education program that tailors into the KFB education programs. It is always fun to tell your story of agriculture to youth. Our county youth education programs include agriculture field days where students visit working farms and businesses in the community to understand more about the industry, as well as the food that is being grown for them. In addition, there are Ag in the Classroom lessons where agriculture is incorporated into math, science and English lessons to help students see the value in all those subjects. County Farm Bureaus utilize members as well as 4-H and FFA members to teach those lessons and provide those field days. Kansas Farm Bureau works with the county Farm Bureaus and appropriate partners to provide member education on timely topics that affect the commodities they grow. 

Service is a part of Farm Bureau that cannot be overlooked, and it starts at the county level. Become a volunteer at those highly visible activities your county Farm Bureau participates in. It will make your county board feel like they are leading a membership that is engaged and paying attention to their work and drive them to a higher level of achievement. One topic that has been an ongoing issue with KFB is getting agriculture friendly people elected to leadership positions in the local, state and federal levels of government. We are constantly providing classes on being an electable candidate and the skills it takes to lead once you have won that election. School boards, county commissioners, hospital boards, to name a few, all need strong capable willingly people to provide knowledgeable leadership.

Advocacy is the final pillar in the mission statement. If you have become involved in the education and service activities in your county, you have been advocating for agriculture and Farm Bureau.  Kansas Farm Bureau policy is developed by the membership through Issue Surfacing and Listening Post meetings. Your county Farm Bureau has the responsibility to advocate on the local level while KFB works through staff and volunteer members to carry policy forward to Topeka and Washington, DC on your behalf. The more people we have at the local level, the stronger the message.

Kansas Farm Bureau:  Where Being Engaged Really Does Make a Difference.

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