Kansas Farm Bureau, along with Illinois Farm Bureau, Iowa Farm Bureau, and Missouri Farm Bureau, joined efforts to file an amicus brief in the Caquelin case in the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. In this case, the U.S. government is arguing that the trigger for a takings claim for landowners should occur later in the trail conversion process (years later in some cases), than what exists under current law.  If the U.S. government is successful in its argument to change existing law, then it could create uncertainty about what rights a landowner has, and create confusion on when is the proper time for a landowner to make a takings claim.  The Farm Bureaus' amicus brief opposes the U.S. government's position and advocates for keeping current law.

To learn more about this effort, and the underlying case that could have a far-reaching impact on landowners' rights in Rails to Trails cases, listen to this WIBW podcast interview with Meghan Largent, one of the attorneys representing the Farm Bureaus in their brief.