“Farmers and ranchers in Kansas look forward to the improved risk management tools found in the 2018 farm bill,” Rich Felts, president of Kansas Farm Bureau, says. “The agricultural economy has been facing stiff headwinds recently, so providing the producers who grow and raise our agricultural commodities more certainty and a strong safety net for the next five years is paramount to the success of our rural communities, our state and its agricultural producers.  

“We appreciate the steadfast leadership of Sen. Pat Roberts in his push to get hard-working farmers and ranchers a farm bill they can depend on and we look forward to President Trump signing it into law. 

“We’ll work with the Kansas delegation to ensure USDA implements the 2018 farm bill in a timely, efficient and producer-centered manner,” Felts says. 

Kansas Farm Bureau is currently reviewing the 807-page conference report and will provide a breakdown of key policy victories in the coming weeks.