MANHATTAN – Kansas Farm Bureau (KFB) has awarded six mini-grants to Kansas Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) chapters across the state.

“We are proud to sponsor these projects,” Rich Felts, president of Kansas Farm Bureau, says. “They bring value to our individual organizations as well as local communities, and each one promotes agriculture and builds leadership—two tenants we know are important.”

FCCLA and KFB have common goals of developing engaged community leaders and educating consumers about the safety, nutritional value and cost effectiveness of their food choices. The grant funds provided the opportunity for FCCLA chapters to conduct projects in the school or community around food and farming.

Winning projects promote agriculture, are new and innovative, include community support and involvement, promote collaboration between local FCCLA chapters and county Farm Bureaus and promote Kansas Farm Bureau, the county Farm Bureaus and the local FCCLA chapter.

2017 Mini-Grants Awarded to FCCLA Chapters:

Blue Valley, Riley County

Blue Valley FCCLA members will work with students to grow garden produce with the FFA greenhouse and local gardeners as well as provide instruction on meal preparation. A local Farm-to-Table event will be hosted at the school.

Burrton High School, Harvey County

FCCLA members will plan activities and field trips for Kindergarten through 5th grade students at Burrton Elementary that coordinate with Kansas Farm Bureau’s Kailey’s Ag Adventures book series. The visits will include a local dairy, farm family, the Mid Kansas Coop as well as instruction from a local extension agent.

Deerfield High School, Kearny County

Ten visits will be planned to Deerfield Elementary to teach students about the importance of farm and ranch animals. KFB’s Kailey’s Ag Adventure books will guide the discussion for each visit.

Elkhart High School, Morton County

Through a field trip to a hydroponic greenhouse, various farm visits and time in the classroom, students will learn about food safety and quality standards.

Minneapolis High School, Ottawa County

The FCCLA chapter will host an informational meeting about GMOs with the local county Farm Bureau. In an effort to create conversation and dinner time in the community, they will also host a workshop to prepare freezer meals for each participant and their family.

Yates Center High School, Woodson County

KFB’s Kailey’s Ag Adventures book will be used in the Yates Center Elementary school during the after school enrichment program. Sessions will provide a hands-on activity and take-home activity to teach students about food production.