Kansas Farm Bureau (KFB) is proud to introduce the Kansas FFA Discussion Meet for competition in the 2016-2017 school year.

“KFB continually looks for ways to grow leaders,” Rich Felts, president of Kansas Farm Bureau, says. “This competition is a perfect collaboration between two organizations—KFB and Kansas FFA. Each is committed to developing critical thinkers who can problem solve, listen and collaborate—all the things the next generation will need to embrace to move our industry forward.”

The competition will bring four to six FFA members to the table at a time to discuss an assigned topic for 15 minutes. Participants are scored and ranked on their ability to introduce the topic, analyze the problem, identify solutions, think critically, engage others effectively and summarize the discussion accurately. Topics will change each year, but will focus on issues in crops, livestock, natural resources, ag education and FFA.

Competition will occur on the FFA district level with awards going to the top 10 individuals and cash prizes for up to three chapters based on the collective performance of multiple individuals from their school. The top two individuals from each district will advance to competition at the FFA State Convention.

“This event will help students stay up-to-date with current agriculture happenings,” says Elizabeth Meyer, Kansas FFA president, says. “Kansas FFA is grateful for all of Kansas Farm Bureau's support and this new opportunity for high schoolers.”

To learn more about the event rules and participation, visit www.kfb.org/ffa. If you are interested in volunteering to assist in running or judging the event, contact yfr@kfb.org.