MANHATTAN — Kansas Farm Bureau (KFB) CEO Terry Holdren has announced staff at KFB’s headquarters in Manhattan on Thursday will begin working remotely in response to mounting concerns over the novel coronavirus pandemic, also called COVID-19.

“Based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and others, we have decided to close the state office, adjust in-person meetings and limit travel for an extended period of time,” Holdren says. “I know our staff will remain as accessible and responsive as ever during this period.”

KFB is committed to the health and safety of its members and staff and is taking appropriate action to ensure no unnecessary exposure to COVID-19 occurs thereby limiting the spread of the virus. KFB’s business continuity planning will allow staff to remain available by phone and email as normal.

KFB has taken the following additional steps:

  • Canceling Mini-Day at the Statehouse events scheduled for the remainder of the legislative session.
  • Postponing the Farm Family Trip.
  • Postponing the KFB Collegiate Fellows Trip.
  • Postponing the County Coordinator/Sales Associate Conference
  • Canceling committee and other meetings scheduled in late March and early April

In addition to the above steps, planned in-state travel and district events will be conducted remotely, postponed or canceled. This includes Issue Surfacing meetings and legislative updates. County Farm Bureau boards are highly encouraged to do the same for meetings and similar events.

The best information at this point indicates that appropriate preventive measures can dramatically reduce the spread, impact and severity of the virus and allow the nation to return to a more regular order sooner than later.

“I know we have a dedicated staff, and the important work at Kansas Farm Bureau will continue through this difficult period,” Holdren says. “At this time, we expect this policy to be effective for several weeks before we return to regular work and social conditions. We thank you for your understanding.”