Kansas Farm Bureau’s Political Action Committee, Voters Organized to Elect Farm Bureau Friends or VOTE FBF, has not made any endorsement in the Kansas Governor’s race after Gov. Colyer’s narrow loss to Kris Kobach in the primary election.  

“Just as was the case in the recent primary election, we will let our grassroots county members provide feedback and insight to the VOTE FBF board,” Rich Felts, Kansas Farm Bureau president and VOTE FBF chair, says. “We remain a grassroots organization.  Endorsement from a former leader who has not been active in the organization for years does not reflect the voice of the current organization. Farm Bureau was formed because our founders firmly believed a unified, collective voice speaks louder than a single individual. That’s certainly true in the multi-candidate nature of politics today.” 

County Farm Bureaus and members are currently researching the current field of candidates and each have the opportunity to provide feedback through VOTE FBF’s process.