Below are photos of Farm Bureau members of Kansas who attended the 2019 Kansas Farm Bureau Annual Meeting. Click the county names for a large downloadable photo. Counties are listed in alphabetical order.

Cutline suggestion: Members from _________ County joined more than 800 Farm Bureau members of Kansas during Kansas Farm Bureau's 2019 Annual Meeting in Manhattan Dec. 1-3. Pictured here are ___________. They wrapped up important business for their farm organization after debating and adopting policy statements for 2020. These policies will now become the road map for the organization during the upcoming legislative session.

Allen County

Front: Harry Clubine, Craig Mentzer, Denise Mentzer, Nathan Mentzer, Heather Mentzer, Debbie Bearden

Anderson County

Front: Rick Feuerborn, Randall Bunnel, Debbie Kueser, Gail Kueser

Barber County

Front: Jeff Baier, Eric Jahay, Dennis Ricke, Merlin Fluke

Barton County

Front: Jerry Esfeld

Back: Roger Long, Kyle Schartz, Tim Maier, Melissa Baldwin, Aaron Baldwin, Jerry Morgenstern

Cherokee County

Front: Leslie Rennie, Anita Getman, Phyllis Roberds

Back: Kyle Rennie, Holly Johnson, Jackson Getman, Dale Roberds, Jennifer Mowdy, Greg Mowdy

Grant County

Front: Javin Keaton, Thomas Hauser and Larry Kepley

Greenwood County

Front: Brance Boone, Robin Trimmell, Kim Douglas and Duane Droge

Harper County

Front: Beverly Davis, Roy Davis, Marsha Carothers, Ben Cather and Crystal Carothers

Harvey County

Front: Erica Schlender, Bonnie Wendling and Margaret Goering

Back: Patrick Wendling and Austin Hiebert

Hodgeman County

Front: Rhonda Stithem, Cole Buffo, Sheryl MacNair

Jefferson County

Front: Kevin Klenklen, Jamie Klenklen, Donna Bates, Jim O’Trimble

Jewell County

Front: Pamala Wirth, Brenda Dooley, Jim Dooley

Labette County

Front: Mona Owens and Kathy Peterson

Back: Bill Owens, Daniel Peterson and Will Owens

Lane County

Front: Cindy Cramer, Janice Lockman 

Montgomery County

Front: Debra Reilly, Debbie Steed and Kathy O’Brien

Back: Phillip Reilly, Levi Clubine, Charles Voelker and Darren Felts

McPherson County

Front: Jenny Goering, Mary Schmidt, Shelby Shaw, Mitz Fawl 

Back: James Schmidt, Steven Penner, Landon Shaw, Troy Wedel, Jeff Smith 

Meade County

Front: Kenneth Isaac, Wendy Holmes, Mike Amerin 

Miami County

Front: Michael Martin, Marjorie Pretz, Barbara Wilson, David Wilson, Jon Pretz

Neosho County 

Front: Greg Taylor, James DeGeer, Kelly Harvey and Jim Bates

Osage County

Front: Janice Koehler, Daresa Prescott, William Prescott

Back: Fred Diver, Carl Winans, Evan Woodbury, David Prescott

Osborne County

Front: Scott Sigle, Nadine Sigle, Sarah Larosh, Glennys Doane, Gary Doane

Phillips County

Front: Stanley Kats, Myndi Krafft

Reno County

Front: Michele Pitts, Cameron Pierce and Sarah Nuest. 

Back: Myron Miller, Austin Schweizer and Cameron Pierce

Rooks County

Front: Anna Luna, Quinton Roy and Jessica Beesley

Russell County

Front: Mary Mai, Janet Machin, Rudene Niedenthal 

Back: Gerald Mai, Gerald Machin, Galen Niedenthal 

Scott County

Front: Randall Scheuerman, Cynthia Scheuerman, Christine Cupp, Mildred Dearden

Sedgwick County

Front:Joy Carp, Donna Wise, Philip Wise, Peggy Hill, Anthony Seiler 

Back: Todd Kissinger, Jay Pauly, Kent Ott, Joseph Neville, Virgil Hill, Kent Winter, Michael Rausch 

Seward County

Front: Donna Walker, Theron Walker, Dave Quillin, Carolyn Quillin, Starla Young

Smith County

Front: Nate Kirchhoff, Pamela Wirth, Emily Roush and Kaden Roush

Stafford County

Front: Jessica Neeland, Justin Vosburgh, Tyler Alpers and Shon Meschberger

Thomas County

Front: Finley Frantz, Quaid Frantz, Reagan Frantz, Clover Frantz

Middle: Rosanna Ziegelmeier, Relda Galli, Johnna Frantz, Sue Draper

Back: Pete Siefelmeier, Tracey Galli, Austin Frantz

Wabaunsee County

Front: Grady Wenderott, Diane Hoobler and Jason Spellman

Wilson County

Front: Dana Newland, Christy Springer, Bradley McVey