As a member of Kansas Farm Bureau, you pay dues once a year. While the dues are required to hold Farm Bureau insurance, they do much more than just allow you to obtain insurance and member benefits. These dues support your county, state, and national Farm Bureau.

Every dues payment goes to four different places. Fifty cents of your dues payment goes to your Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit. This is provided to all members in case of an unexpected accident. Four dollars goes to the American Farm Bureau Federation and is used to put on leadership programs, educate people about agriculture, and provide legal help and lobbying for farmers and ranchers, among other things. Twenty-three dollars and fifty cents goes to Kansas Farm Bureau. Much like the American Farm Bureau, this portion of dues is used to put on leadership programs, educational events, and lobbying for agriculture in Kansas.

The rest of your dues payment stays right in your community. Each county Farm Bureau uses membership dues to put on educational programs, provide scholarships for college-bound high school students, provide legal resources for members, and participate in community events. Here are a few things a single county Farm Bureau has participated in within the last year:

  • A panel on GMO usage
  • A discounted Royals game and tailgate for members
  • An exhibit at their County Fair, complete with cow-milking demonstration
  • Ag in the Classroom programs, to teach students about agriculture and food
  • Slice of Ag program, a day-long field trip for area students to learn all about agriculture & interact with farm animals and equipment
  • Free hunter safety courses
  • Free CPR class/certification
  • Several scholarships for high school seniors

As you can see, the money you pay as a member really does provide value for your local community. We value all of our members and strive to use your membership dues in a responsible and impactful way. Kansas Farm Bureau would not exist without our members, and Kansas agriculture would not be the same without Kansas Farm Bureau.