Manhattan - The undersigned and others strongly believe Dr. Roger Marshall is the clear choice for Kansas.  It’s time for a different approach in Congress, starting in the Big First.

Marshall is a business and community leader, active in church and engaged in the lives of his wife, family and community. His outreach to farmers, ranchers and rural communities is impressive, welcomed and much needed. He’s spent time all across the first district at kitchen tables, on family farms and ranches, meeting business owners, asking what Kansans want in their congressman. He knows that while keeping values intact, forging a consensus is important.

Huelskamp has burned bridges with his colleagues, farmers and ranchers, and many others. For the first time in nearly a century, Kansas does not have a voice on the House Agriculture Committee.  Being removed from committees has become a pattern.  In addition to being kicked off the House Ag Committee he was also removed from the House Budget Committee at the request of now Speaker Paul Ryan.  While in the state legislature Huelskamp was removed from the Ways and Means Committee.  Huelskamp is unable to effectively work for our state.
Votes against the National Bio and Agro-defense facility in Manhattan, the Renewable Fuels Standard, crop insurance provisions in the Farm Bill, the Water Resources Development Act and others show a lack of support for 1st District constituents.  Kansas needs practical leadership, not just more empty rhetoric.

It’s critical that the concerns and challenges that Kansas farmers face are addressed by someone who will listen to us and represent us effectively.  Someone who is willing to work with the ag community, the Kansas delegation, and colleagues in Washington, D.C.  Someone who can achieve policies that will benefit farmers, ranchers and rural communities.  Voters should consider and choose Roger Marshall to restore the legacy of 1st District’s values, integrity and leadership.

On Aug. 2, Kansans in the Big First will have the opportunity to send a proven leader to Washington by voting for Dr. Roger Marshall. Marshall shares the principles of Kansans and has the character and personal skills to advance our values and interests. We ask for your vote for Dr. Roger Marshall on Tuesday.

Richard Felts, President, Kansas Farm Bureau
Jeff Grossenbacher, Vice President, Kansas Farm Bureau
Matt Perrier, President, Kansas Livestock Association
Sam Sacco, Chairman, Renew Kansas
David Schemm, Vice President, National Association of Wheat Growers
Dan Atkisson, National Sorghum Producers Board of Directors, Rooks County
Larry Dahlsten, National Sorghum Producers Board of Directors, McPherson County
Kendall Hodgson, National Sorghum Producers Board of Directors, Rice County
Tom Willis, National Sorghum Producers Board of Directors, Seward County
Steve Baccus, Ottawa County
Glenn Brunkow Pottawatomie County
Stacey Forshee, Cloud County
Gerald Franklin, Sherman County
Greg Krissek, Riley County
Evan Lesser, Graham County
Ken McCauley, Doniphan County
Keith Miller, Barton County
Roger Pine, Leavenworth County
Steve Rome, Stevens County
Derek & Katie Sawyer, McPherson County
Jim Sipes, Stanton County
Tom Tibbits, Ottawa County
Doug Zillinger, Logan County