We are clearly in the middle of fall and that means harvest. Harvest is one of the most thrilling, rewarding, happiest time of the year. Of course, that is when things go right. It can also be the most maddening, frustrating, disappointing times of the year when they do not. If you are in agriculture and you do not look forward to this time of the year you might be in the wrong business. Fall is our Super Bowl.

Good or bad, harvest is all about the rush, time crunch and stress. We are always in a hurry, and it must be done yesterday. I know we do not have any free time during this time of the year, but I want you to take just a moment. Think about what you are a part of. In just a few short weeks we will harvest enough food to feed most of the world. You are part of a well-oiled machine that feeds more people, with fewer resources and less of an impact to our environment than any where else in this world.

As a Kansas Farmer you utilize the best technology along with the latest research and techniques to produce more grain from a single acre than our grandfathers could have ever imagined 50 years ago. I am pretty sure we are all on the run so much that we don’t ever take a minute to just sit back and think about what we are doing, much less do we share what amazing work we are doing.

Look out across those acres of the best hybrid technology in your fields be it corn or soybeans. How many bushels would those same acres have produced 20 years ago or even 10. What farming methods are you using? It is stunning to think about how far our business has come in just a few short years, and I guarantee you that we will be stunned again 10 years from now. We are part of one of the most innovative, progressive industries, and we have to be.

In the next 50 years we must find a way to produce more food than we have ever produced. You know what — I have no doubt we will do it. Those of us in agriculture have always risen to the challenge and we always will. No one is more productive than the American farmer, we are without a doubt the best in the business. We do not often acknowledge it because that is the kind of people we are. We have our nose the grindstone, do our job and wake up the next day and do it all over again.

I challenge you to take a moment and think about the work we all do, go ahead, and stick your chest out, you deserve it. While you are at it, tell others about it. Take pride in it. The last few months have proven just how important agriculture is. After the moment is over, get back to work, you have a lot to get done.