Farm Bureau members of Kansas should take action now on SB 405, which relates to animal conversion units in poultry facilities. Ask your state representative to vote YES on SB 405 because it supports opportunities for growth in the agriculture sector that would benefit our members and their communities.

The poultry industry in Kansas can grow, but for that to happen, the statute allowing modern poultry facilities must be updated to reflect the latest science and technology available. 

Our state's current legislative statute has animal unit conversions for poultry facilities that have continuous overflow watering and liquid manure systems. Modern facilities use dry manure systems and do not use continuous overflow watering systems. 

A modern, science-based animal unit conversion factor for dry manure systems must be added to Kansas law. Strict regulations protecting our natural resources will still be in place and required in order to get a permit. 

It is important we ensure the business climate is inviting for new growth opportunities within the agricultural industry. Kansas Farm Bureau believes the provisions in SB 405 will attract new agricultural business by clarifying where these facilities fit in the current regulatory environment.

Contact your state representative today and ask them to support agricultural growth by passing SB 405 without amendments!