The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has updated its National Listing Workplan under the Endangered Species Act to reflect their plan of work for FY2022-2027 to review species for potential listing as threatened or endangered. There are 18 species in Kansas on the Workplans covering FY2022 and the next 5 years.

FWS Listing Workplan – Kansas Species (updated March 2022)


Timeframe/Federal Status

State Status

Lesser prairie-chicken

FY22 / Proposed threatened in KS 6.1.21


Western fanshell

FY21 / Proposed threatened 3.3.22


Northern long-eared bat

FY22 / Threatened, Proposed endangered 3.23.22

Species In Need of Conservation

Alligator snapping turtle

FY22 / Proposed threatened 11.9.21

Included in 14 aquatic species CCAA.

Red knot

FY22 / Threatened, Proposed revised critical habitat


Tricolored bat

FY22 / Under review


Little brown bat

FY23 / Under review


Regal fritillary

FY23 / Under review


Sicklefin chub

FY23 / Under review


Sturgeon chub

FY23 / Under review


Lake sturgeon

FY24 / Under review


Monarch butterfly

FY24 / Candidate


Snuffbox mussel

FY25 / Endangered


Spectaclecase mussel

FY25 / Endangered


Frosted elfin butterfly

FY25 / Not listed


Golden-winged warbler

FY26 / Under review


Linda’s roadside skipper

FY27 / Under review


Prairie gray fox

FY27 / Under review