The Kansas Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture is pleased to offer our End Hunger program for the third year. The goal of the program is to address food insecurities in Kansas. The program consists of three components…

  • End Hunger Match for Food Pantries – apply for matching funds for a food pantry
  • End Hunger Grant for Community Project – apply for a grant for a community project
  • End Hunger Campaign Donations – make a donation to the End Hunger Campaign

Please see each section below for more details and an application for each component.

End Hunger Match for Food Pantries

County Farm Bureaus join with their county agents to provide funds for local food pantries.  For every $.50 cents per member both the County Farm Bureau and their FBFS agents donate, the KFB Foundation contribute $.50 for a total of $1.50 per member.

  • Donation: maximum $.50 per member by county Farm Bureau
  • Donation: maximum $.50 per member by FBFS agents collectively
  • Maximum match award from KFB Foundation: $.50 per member
  • Use the end of prior year’s membership number for maximum
  • Both donations are sent to the KFB Foundation
  • KFB Foundation will write a check to the food pantry or pantries chosen
  • Checks are sent to the county Farm Bureau to present to food pantry or pantries
  • Awards may be limited due to availability of funds

To apply for End Hunger Match, click here.

End Hunger Grant for Community Projects

County Farm Bureaus collaborate with FBFS agents and others in your community to design a program to address food insecurity needs (access, affordability, nutrition and/or quantity). Please apply for grants before your project takes place.  You will receive an email if your grant is approved and then you may proceed.

  • Maximum grant award from KFB Foundation: $1,250
  • Partnership: County boards, agents or another community partner must provide funds equal to the amount being requested from the Foundation.
  • Do not send partnership funds to KFB Foundation.
  • After the project is completed, a grant activity report with receipts will be sent to KFB Foundation.
  • After grant activity report is received and verified, a check in the amount of the grant award is sent to the county Farm Bureau.
  • Awards may be limited due to availability of funds.

To apply for End Hunger Grant, click here.

For grant activity report, click here.

End Hunger Campaign Donations

Starting in 2020, the Kansas Farm Bureau Foundation created an End Hunger program to assist communities fighting food insecurities. The End Hunger Campaign is a year-long fundraising campaign consisting of donations and fundraising events. The Campaign funds are returned to communities through the End Hunger Match and End Hunger Grant programs.

To make a contribution to the End Hunger Campaign, click here. This is not the End Hunger grant or match (see above), only donations.

A county Farm Bureau may apply for both an End Hunger Match and End Hunger Grant in the same year.

Only one match and one grant can be awarded per county per year (Jan-Dec).

Matches and Grants must be completed within one year of application date.

For questions or more information, please contact Shannon Martin at or (620) 886-1703.