Greg Doering Articles




A Tourist in Kansas


Generally, the best way to spot a tourist is they either have way too much gear or not enough. We soon found ourselves in the latter category.

Worries and Routines


Covid-19 concerns have added new worries for farmers and ranchers across the countryside, but there's still solace to be found in a job well done.

Ballot Measures


Like everything else voting will be different in 2020. Polls will still open and operate, but it’s likely a record number of Kansans will cast their ballots early and through the mail.

Little Legacies


Everyone comes from somewhere, and the most inconsequential decisions — creating a painting, choosing a desk, buying a pocket watch — become the little legacies we leave.

Rebuilding Our World


Like everyone else, Kansas farmers and ranchers have seen their world turned upside down in a short amount of time.

Make It Count


While the Constitution only requires a simple accounting of every living soul, the census has been used since its inception to gather other vital information about the nation’s population.

Outside the Fencerow


No matter what difference you want to make, leaving your fencerow in the rearview mirror likely will have a bigger effect on you than anything else.

Sustainable Solutions


farmers and ranchers in the United States are at the leading edge of reducing so-called greenhouse gas emissions from their operations.

Safe Journeys


Now is the time of year when ATVs and UTVs might show up under a Christmas tree or you see something at a farm show that would fit right into your operation.

Our Ever-Better World


It’s easy to conflate headlines with the actual state of humanity. It’s an understandable reaction, but it’s also a misreading of what makes news.