Jackie Mundt Articles




See It in Color


The world is not black and white. Taking a color-blind approach hides so many valuable things in the shades of gray. Our world is full of color and colorful people for a reason.

A Perfect Storm


If you can weather the storms and get through all the chaos, things typically work out in the end … or at least you have a good story to tell.

The Eternal Hope of Farmers


Even in uncertain times, farmers forget logic and plant a crop or buy cattle and they tell themselves prices will go up, the weather will cooperate, everything will work out.

Opportunity in the Pause


It won’t be long before the world hits play and things return to normal. Now is your time to make a change.

In Pursuit of Dignity and Discipline


My dream for our country is that we rededicate ourselves to the ideal of being a nation indivisible. A nation full of people who choose to practice civility and extend respect to all around them.

Finding Your Voice


Politicians have an obligation to represent their constituents, and it is difficult to do well if citizens do not share their thoughts and opinions.

Roaring Into the 20s


Humans throughout history seem to live the same stories and plots repeatedly.

The Outsiders


It has been a long slow process but I have worked to build a reputation and found a place in the community.

Rising to the Top


In recent years, these FFA competitions have become a source of pride and excitement for me as I have watched two of my nieces vie for national championships.

Collision Course


Like many children, I once dreamed of becoming President of the United States. A big, old White House and a high-power job were awe-inspiring.