Kim Baldwin Articles




Blooms of Promise


While there are many days ahead before I can guarantee a fruit crop, the honeybees have at least convinced me of a more promising outcome than last year’s.

Simple Signs


It’s strange to think simple signs are all around us daily. May we all occasionally notice these and allow them to energize and power us as we move forward.

Still Pushing Forward


I admire the students (and their teachers) still pushing forward for continued self-improvement and excellence, even in the time of a pandemic.

A Dog's Duties


My guess is our dog, Rosie Bo, will continue performing her essential responsibilities on the farm with little hesitation. After all, it’ll just be another day for our farm dog.

With Love, From Kansas


It’s good to know that while we won’t be together in person, our family across the country can still receive our love through our hand-picked selections of local products.

Anticipating Normalcy


I’ll continue to remind myself that whenever we finish our fall harvest it will allow my little farm family some much anticipated normalcy before spring planting.

Immediately It Becomes Fall


It’s as if overnight the leaves on the trees have yellowed, the morning air has become crisp, the sun sets earlier, the moon rises sooner and the fall crops around us continue drying down.

Fall Flowers on the Farm


I know these beautiful blooms are temporary and will soon begin to dry down, but I will enjoy these fall flowers in all of their beauty for the time they have.

Swimming Through Summer


Our pool is convenient and refreshing and has become a place for my family of four to enjoy summer mornings, afternoons and evenings taking a dip.

A Family Harvest


One of the other reasons I love wheat harvest is because the entire family is involved. Every year my kids get to help bake cookies, pack meals and distribute drinks for our harvest crew.