Greg Doering Articles




Fighting for Agriculture


It’s OK to believe those who disagree with you are sincere in their beliefs. Engagement requires perspective, logic and reason. And perseverance.

Shots of Spring


Just as a good dose of spring makes us quickly forget the chill of winter, a shot or two this season will get us to the other side of the pandemic by summer.

Sharing Our Secrets


While we may not like making the extra effort to talk about our work, I believe it is worth showing everyone the love and care we have for our profession.

Waiting for Someday


There’s a different satisfaction that comes from completing a project with that one item you saved long ago for the right occasion.

Legislative Priorities


At Kansas Farm Bureau we have three priorities in this year’s session: broadband, taxes and water. We'll keep our eye on other issues, but those are the big three.

Gift of Tradition


This year has made me ever more thankful for our family traditions. Even if they will be modified in 2020, it’s a reminder that presence is far more rewarding than presents.

Down to Turnout


The number of people voting doesn’t determine winners, rather it’s the types of voters who cast their ballots or don't bother showing up at all.

Connecting Kansas


Broadband isn’t a silver bullet for rural revitalization, but it will open up tremendous opportunities for farmers, ranchers and others who want to be connected to the rest of the world.

The Start of Fall Harvest


For the next few weeks, the roads will be busy because unlike the mad dash to bring in wheat in early summer, fall harvest is a marathon.

Still Time to Make It Count


If you haven't responded to the 2020 Census now's your chance to help your town get the most out of the American dream. Act now while there’s still time to make your voice count.