Jackie Mundt Articles




A Spring Like No Other


Spring always felt like it sneaks up on you, but this year spring feels like the fresh start we have been desperately waiting for.

The Strength to Weather Storms


My quiet moments during this bitterly cold stretch have been filled with reflections. Calving through a storm is hard work that takes a kind of deep, character-refining strength.

Making Dreams True


So many of us forget to think about what it really takes to make dreams a reality. Dreams are built on hope and grow in the heart and mind of the dreamer.

Breaking Tradition


A break from tradition isn’t the worst thing. Even if you are sad, mad or disappointed about the circumstances, you can still make memories and celebrate with loved ones.

Finding Beauty in Kansas


Kansas is a place where resilient crops and stout creatures withstand fierce weather conditions; a wide-open space that allows the most amazing views of the heavens.

Keeping Perspective in Politics


I will do my best to be polite and treat you with respect, even if I disagree with you. I will listen openly and share my experiences with you in a civil manner.

See It in Color


The world is not black and white. Taking a color-blind approach hides so many valuable things in the shades of gray. Our world is full of color and colorful people for a reason.

A Perfect Storm


If you can weather the storms and get through all the chaos, things typically work out in the end … or at least you have a good story to tell.

The Eternal Hope of Farmers


Even in uncertain times, farmers forget logic and plant a crop or buy cattle and they tell themselves prices will go up, the weather will cooperate, everything will work out.

Opportunity in the Pause


It won’t be long before the world hits play and things return to normal. Now is your time to make a change.