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KFB Rural Report: Trade during COVID-19


KFRM's Duane Toews talks with Ambassador Gregg Doud, chief agricultural negotiator in the Office of the United States Trade Representative, along with Karyn Page, president and CEO of Kansas Global Trade Services, about all things trade during COVID-19.

Rural Report: Meat Shortages During COVID-19


WIBW's Greg Akagi talks with Jarrod Gillig, vice president of operation for Cargill Protein Group, and Matt Carselowey, president of the Kansas Meat Packers Association and general manager of Walnut Valley Packing LLC regarding meat shortages due to impacts from COVID-19.

Rural Report: The ethanol industry during COVID-19


Duane Toews talks with Greg Krissek, CEO of Kansas Corn Growers Association, and Derek Peine, general manager of Western Plains Energy about issues surrounding ethanol production during COVID-19.

SBA accepting Agriculture Enterprise EIDL applications


The SBA announced this afternoon that agriculture enterprises with 500 or fewer employees can begin applying for Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) loans and EIDL loan advance.

Rural Report: COVID-19's impact on the ag input supply chain


Greg Agaki talks with Max Fisher, director of economics and government relations with the National Grain and Feed Association, and American Farm Bureau Federation's John Newton regarding COVID-19's impact on the ag input supply chain.

Meat Processing During COVID-19


President Trump issued an executive order on April 28, 2020 to keep meat processing facilities open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rural Report: Grocery supply chain issues during COVID-19


Duane Toews talks with Doug Baker, Vice President of Industry Relations with the Food Industry Association, and Dr. Jayson Lusk Distinguished Professor and Head of the Agricultural Economics Department at Purdue University, about grocery supply chain issues due to COVID-19.

Rural Report: Market Volatility in the Beef Cattle Market


Greg Agaki talks with Oklahoma State University professor Dr. Derrell Peel and American Farm Bureau Federation's Scott Bennett regarding livestock markets during COVID-19.

Rural Report: Ag Lending During COVID-19


Duane Toews talks with KFB's President Rich Felts and Leonard Wolfe, president and chairman of the board of United Bank and Trust in Marysville, about ag lending during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rural Report with Pres. Felts & AFBF Pres. Duvall


In this first issue of KFB's Rural Reports, Greg Akagi talks with Rich Felts, KFB President, and Zippy Duvall, president of American Farm Bureau Federation.