Many news stories use the word "accident", however, safety professionals rarely use this word because "accident" implies an event out of person's control. Research has shown that nearly all injuries are both predictable and preventable, thus, the term "incident" is preferred to describe traumatic farm events.

2019 Fatality Report






Incident Description

1/16/20191077ChautauquaMale67Traveling westbound on the highway in his tractor when he was rear ended by the operator of a westbound pickup truck.
1/29/20191078WilsonMale63Checking the fuel level when he fell from a vertical tank.
 3/21/20191080NeoshoMale62Suffered a fatal injury while clearing trees. 
4/8/20191079NortonMale15Farm machinery incident while feeding cattle.
 7/6/20191081ClayMale63Reinforcing a pond dam when the tractor he was on rolled over.
 7/9/2019 1082Reno Male Standing on the front of a trailer while an auger removed grain from a bin. As he was climbing down his pant leg became entangled in the PTO shaft. 
 7/16/20191083 Saline Male75Attempted to clean a clogged overflow pipe on a pond. The suction pulled his arm into the pipe and he was unable to free himself. 
8/13/20191084FordMale59Suffered fatal injuries following a wreck involving a train and a tractor pulling an implement.
9/20/20191085SedgwickMale 39 Using a grain vacuum to move grain out of a tractor-trailer when he became trapped.
 10/25/2019 #1086 Cheyenne Male 83Making a left turn into a driveway when his ATV struck a semi.


In 2019 there were ten fatal agriculture related incidents reported. 

Our database contains information related to fatal agriculture related incidents since 1980. Contact the Safety Division for more information.

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