Want to beat the Iowa State Cyclones when they come to town the end of November? If you bleed purple, I bet you do. This year you can personally be a part of that victory. Yes, the Wildcats might be a little short on the depth chart at linebacker, but I think most of our playing days are behind us. I have also volunteered to call plays in. Fortunately, our coaches are much too smart for that.

No, county Farm Bureaus, Farm Bureau Financial Services agents and Wildcat fans have the opportunity to work within their communities to gather food donations and participate in a friendly competition with other agents and county Farm Bureaus through the End Hunger Food Drive sponsored by Kansas Farm Bureau, Farm Bureau Financial Services and K-State athletics.

The food drive has already started and will run until Nov. 15, and everyone who participates will be a winner in my book. The counties and agents bringing in the most donations will receive tickets to the game along with other prizes.

All of the donations will go to local food pantries, helping our friends and neighbors in need. I am so proud of our organization for all the work we do to feed those who do not have enough. We all take great pride in growing our abundant, safe, healthy food supply and yet we also want to make sure that everyone has access to it, too.

We do need to get busy. You can view participating counties by going to www.kfb.org and search “End Hunger Food Drive” to find drop off locations or make a monetary donation. After Nov. 16 nonperishable food donations will be weighed to determine the winners. Each dollar will add a pound to the total.

So here is the game plan. Some of you go straight to the grocery store and pick up some extra boxes of macaroni and cheese or cans of green beans and some muffin mix, too. The rest of you go deep and open up your computer, go the webpage and donate.

I know not everyone is a Wildcat but even if you are a Jayhawk or a Shocker you should want to send the visitors home without a victory. It’s not just Cats versus Clones, it’s an opportunity to help our fellow Kansans. I expect an overwhelming victory.

For those of you from Iowa, please don’t take it too hard, we still like you, just not when you play against K-State. Well, that and we don’t like to lose. So here is to the competition, may the best team win! My prediction will be for a big score for our food pantries and that will be good for another Wildcat Victory.