For the second consecutive year, members of Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans (KFBHP) will see no general rate increase for the 2022 coverage year. The 10,000-plus covered lives in Kansas will continue to benefit from the significant savings KFB Health Plans offers, which have allowed them to invest in their operations, start retirement accounts or even add flexibility to their budgets.

“Members have reported saving up to 60 percent on their premiums while choosing coverage to best fit their lifestyle,” says Erin Petersilie, KFBHP assistant director. “We started KFB Health Plans to provide quality, affordable coverage to our members and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Sedgwick County farmer Brian Wetta says a second year with no general rate increase for KFB Health Plans is very different from what he experienced through the ACA federal marketplace.

“The premiums went up every year and there weren’t any changes to the benefits,” he says. “We needed a more affordable healthcare option and KFB responded. I’m single and this plan is just what I need.”

In addition to offering affordable coverage, KFBHP come with peace of mind for members who have the misfortune of needing the coverage, like Jeff Winter.

“I was cleaning out the grain bin and I went to turn off the auger,” Winter recalls. “My glove caught the belt and threw my glove against the wall. It didn’t take very long before I realized I was also missing my right trigger finger.”

While doctors were unable to reattach Winter’s finger, he had no worries about paying for the treatment he received. “Everything went through and there weren’t any battles,” he says. “It seemed like everything went really well with it.”   

That’s because in addition to the substantial savings KFBHP offers, members receive coverage through a nationwide network of health professionals, including no-cost virtual consultations through Teledoc. Additionally, members can choose to add dental and vision coverage if they currently have a plan that doesn’t offer it, and Medicare supplement plans are available for those 65 and older.

KFB Health Plans are individually underwritten and for some plans require a physical prior to receiving coverage if applicants are over 40. So far, nearly nine out of 10 applicants have been offered coverage through KFBHP. Unlike insurance coverage through the health care exchange, there is no open-enrollment period for KFB Health Plans.

“If you miss the Jan. 15 deadline to sign up for an exchange plan, we accept new members every day,” Petersilie says. “Even if you currently have an exchange plan, I’d be happy to help you compare cost and coverage to see if we could help you save hundreds of dollars each month, possibly more.”

A Kansas Farm Bureau membership is required to begin enrollment. Visit for more information or visit your local Farm Bureau Financial Services agent.