MANHATTAN – Kansas Farm Bureau (KFB) is thrilled to announce its podcast, “Inside Ag” is now live. The inaugural episode, “Catching up with the President and CEO,” features Rich Felts and Terry Holdren who talk about KFB’s legislative priorities and other issues facing agriculture today.

In addition to hosting the podcast, Kansas State University sophomore Noah Ochsner has developed and produced “Inside Ag” as part of his internship at Kansas Farm Bureau. Ochsner says podcasts are growing in popularity, and he’s looking forward to promoting the advocacy, education and service KFB does to people across the state.

“Something I think we do at Kansas Farm Bureau that is really important is not only educating those in the industry, but those outside agriculture and bringing them closer to where their food comes from,” Ochsner says.

Ochsner plans to produce one to two podcasts each month featuring KFB staff, members and other experts on a range of issues facing farmers and ranchers across the state.

“I hope to cover a number of topics like the disconnect between rural and urban America, rural internet issues, rural health care, things really affecting the lives of rural Kansans,” he says.

“Inside Ag” is live at and apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Public Radio and Deezer.





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