Have you ever wondered how USDA arrives at its monthly crop production, supply, and use numbers? Have you or someone you know ever questioned their accuracy? Then YOU should participate in our USDA Reports Trip. 

Kansas Farm Bureau’s USDA Reports Trip to Washington DC is a three-day excursion, August 9-12, 2023. The objective of the trip is to trace the development and release of USDA Crop Reports. Participants will not only hear from Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service statisticians regarding survey methods and data collection processes in the state but also National Agricultural Statistics Service personnel who will explain how state data is compiled and national estimates are made. The trip is highlighted by a flight to Washington D.C. where the group will have the opportunity to observe the August, “USDA Lock Up," and monthly report to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture regarding U.S. crop production, and world supply and demand.

To learn more about the trip, contact Mark Nelson, nelsonm@kfb.org. To apply to be considered for the trip, click here. Only 6 applicants will be chosen to participate in this trip so please consider turning in your application early. Applications must be submitted no later than Thursday, June 15 to be considered.

Kansas Farm Bureau will reserve and pay for members' one-night stay in Kansas City, two nights in Washington, D.C, and for three group meals. Members will be responsible for all other costs including air travel, other meals, cabs, etc. ($600-$1,000).

IDEA: A County Farm Bureau could sponsor a member(s), using this as a leadership development opportunity and/or agricultural education event, and asking the member to share what they learned at a later County Farm Bureau sponsored event, Board or County Annual meeting.