MANHATTAN — Kansas Farm Bureau is continuing in 2024 its recognition for “Sesquicentennial Farms” in conjunction with its annual “Century Farm” program. The Century Farm program honors Farm Bureau members who own farms of at least 80 acres within the same family for 100 years or more. The Sesquicentennial Farm recognition goes to farms in the same family for at least 150 years.

“Kansas farmers and ranchers have a lot to be proud of,” Joe Newland, Kansas Farm Bureau president, says. “One thing we take pride in is our value in the traditions and strong family ties through generations of rural living. Kansas Farm Bureau is honored to celebrate those through the Century Farm and Sesquicentennial Farms programs.”

The deadline for consideration to be part of the 2024 programs is May 15. Kansas Farm Bureau has recognized 3,144 Century Farms and 112 Sesquicentennial Farms since their inception. Complete details for qualification and applications for both programs can be obtained at county Farm Bureau offices across Kansas or on the KFB website,