On August 24th, EPA published in the Federal Register, a Proposed Rule making changes to the certification rules and process for applicators of restricted use pesticides.The proposed changes will impact both commercial and the 14,000 plus private applicators in Kansas.

A few proposed changes include:

  • More rigorous testing. To get certified, private applicators will be required to pass a closed-book exam.  Currently, private applicators can go to their county extension office, review a manual and take an open-book exam.
  • The recertification period will be lowered to three years.  Currently, private applicators need to get recertified every five years.
  • Setting a minimum age of 18 years for both certified applicators and non-certified applicators working under the supervision of a certified applicator. Currently there is not a minimum age for private applicators. 

You can see a summary below with more of the proposed changes that KDA put together, and the following link will take you to the Federal Register page where you can find a complete copy of the proposed rule.


EPA proposed changes document