We have officially entered the countdown to spring break mindset in our household. The recent winter blasts that have netted a few snow days for the kids are no longer acceptable for my children. They are ready for an extended, week-long break from school. And in their eyes, it can’t get here soon enough!

They ask me daily how many more days until their beloved break begins. They have been constantly discussing in detail the grand plans they have for their week-long hiatus from all school responsibilities. My daughter is already planning out her wardrobe of sundresses, sandals and swimsuits, while my son is brainstorming plans for an adventure course he plans to build in our pasture. 

We have less than a month until my two can experience the “freedom” that they have been dreaming of daily, and there is no denying that their anticipation is showing loud and clear.

When I asked my third-grader why he’s so adamant about aggressively marking each day off the giant calendar that hangs in our mudroom, his response surprised me.

“Mom, the closer we get to spring break means the closer we are to summer break,” he told me.

“And once it’s Summer Break, I can spend all of my time on the farm,” he added.

I immediately made a mental note to increase the amount of chores for my boy this summer to ensure he will look forward to returning to school in the fall.

For me, our children’s spring break is the final visible block on our family’s calendar of calmness prior to the start of an incredibly busy season on our farm.

Aside from the expected spring sports practices and games that will begin occupying time slots during my evenings and weekends following spring break, the overall pace within our household will dramatically shift as well.

Our winter evenings together at the dinner table will transition to meals hurriedly prepared and delivered out to fields while we plant our crops for next fall’s harvest.

I’ll increase my audiobook consumption while navigating the dirt roads to deliver seed and equipment while the kids attend their final months of school.

My visits to the local tractor dealership will become more frequent as I anticipate making many trips into town for parts as well.

Secretly, I hope it takes a while for spring break to arrive this year. I want to soak up the calmness of the current season that we’re in. Unfortunately, I think I’m outnumbered in our house, and these next few weeks will quickly pass and usher in another season on the farm.