Membership & Promotion Committee

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Committee Mission

The KFB Membership & Promotion Committee’s mission is to promote the organization of Kansas Farm Bureau including its programs and services, and to generate growth and interest in membership

The KFB Membership & Promotion Committee

  • Advises the KFB Board on issues and ideas related to membership, marketing and promotion of the organization.
  • Is a Kansas Farm Bureau standing committee.
  • Members are appointed to serve for a one-year term and may be reappointed twice to serve a maximum of three one-year terms.
  • Each KFB District is eligible to have a representative on the KFB Membership & Promotion Committee.

Get Involved

Committee members are appointed by the KFB president with recommendations from the district board directors. If you are interested in serving on an advisory committee, contact your district board director.

Meet the Committee Members

  • District 1 - Brandy Jones
  • District 2 - George Hunsinger
  • District 3 - Kim Curran
  • District 4 - Jeanie Bartel
  • District 5 - Carrie Fraser
  • District 6 - Myndi Krafft
  • District 7 - Mitz Fawl
  • District 8 - Cindy Cramer
  • District 9 - Azuree Jones
  • District 10 - Alicia Siruta
  • Board Liaison - Joe Jury

Staff Liaisons

  • Jennifer Stewart
  • Sandi Cowdin
  • Angie Danner
  • Kerry Spencer