Communications, Media and Spokesperson Training

April 23-24, 2024 - Lawrence, KS            


A generic approach to communication does not work in today’s information climate. Each market poses unique challenges and opportunities to engage. KFB members must be able to provide credible information and share their own story of agriculture through various outlets. This training will aim to provide our members with the skills necessary to use their stories, statistics, and key messages to make their messages stand out and connect with relevant audiences.

Participants will:

  1. Learn how to identify, organize and project key messages with clarity, confidence and passion.
  2. Gain skills and practice to help increase comfort levels and effectiveness when talking to various audiences, such as formal presentations, traditional media and social media.
  3. Hear best practices of media and speaking do’s and don’ts.
  4. Discover how to best handle unexpected and challenging questions.
  5. Advance their Farm Bureau network of peers and experts in ag communications and advocacy.


  • Applicant shall be a member in good standing with their county Farm Bureau.
  • Applicant shall be a voting Farm Bureau member.
  • Applicant shall complete an application and be willing to meet all time commitments associated with the program held at The Oread Lawrence beginning at 1p.m. on Tuesday, April 23 and ending at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

Program Requirements

Participants will be screened from an application-based process. Applicants must be willing and able to be part of KFB’s internal network of spokespeople to use for media, legislative testimony and social media purposes.

After selection, participants will be asked to select an issue or challenge (from a list) facing agriculture as a platform for the training. Prior to the training, participants will prepare a three-minute speech covering the importance of the issue and why it affects farmers and ranchers in Kansas. They will deliver the prepared presentation, receive feedback, and utilize this as a platform for applications through traditional and social media.

Sample Training Agenda

The CMS training will be held at The Oread Lawrence. Lodging will be provided for up to two nights and meals during the program are covered.

A PDF copy of the agenda can be downloaded here

Day 1

1:00 p.m.         Welcome, Expectations and Participant Introductions
1:30 p.m.         Delivery of Prepared Speeches on Platform Issue (all class participants)
2:15 p.m.         Break
2:30 p.m.        Telling Your Story
4:00 p.m.         Presentation Skills
5:30 p.m.         Dinner
6:30 p.m.         Preparing Your Message
8:00 p.m.         Adjourn
Evening           Preparation for final presentations


Day 2

8:00 a.m.         Media Training
10:20 a.m.       Interview Practice Rounds
12:15 p.m.       Working lunch (preparation for final press conference simulation)
1:15 p.m.         Social Media
2:15 p.m.         Break (set up for final presentations)
2:30 p.m.         Final Presentation & Q&A (press conference/town hall simulation)
4:00 p.m.         Break
4:15 p.m.         Talking Point Lightning Rounds          
5:15 p.m.         Accepting Media Interviews          
5:45 p.m.         Closing and Call to Action by KFB President and/or CEO        
6:00 p.m.         Group Celebration Dinner



Applications must be received by Monday, April 1, 2024

For questions about the training or application, please contact Edie Doane at 785-587-6102 or