Legal Foundation - FAQ

Q: How does a member get legal assistance through the Kansas Farm Bureau Legal Foundation?

A: Click here to see the Referral Policy for information on how to seek legal assistance from the Kansas Farm Bureau Legal Foundation.

Q: Is the information I communicate to the Kansas Farm Bureau Legal Foundation staff privileged?

A: No. There is no attorney-client relationship established between the Kansas Farm Bureau Legal Foundation attorneys and the members served by the foundation. 

Q: What services are offered by the Kansas Farm Bureau Legal Foundation?

A: We offer the following services:

  • Research and Analysis
    • We gather, assemble and analyze laws, regulations and court cases from numerous sources to identify problems and challenges that may negatively impact producers located within the State of Kansas.
  • Educational Development
    • We provide and coordinate educational seminars on topical issues.
  • Technical Assistance
    • We provide and coordinate direct legal assistance to the Kansas Farm Bureau, County Farm Bureaus and individual members.
  • Peer and Organizational Networks
    • We provide assistance in creating and managing networks of professionals and organizations to assist in the development and dissemination of information and resources to protect not only our agricultural community, but also all agriculture communities throughout the United States.