Kansas Farm Bureau's VOTE FBF

Kansas Farm Bureau's VOTE FBF

What is Voters Organized To Elect Farm Bureau Friends (VOTE FBF)?

VOTE FBF is Kansas Farm Bureau’s political fund to support the campaigns of pro-agriculture candidates for federal and state office. Since its inception in 1993 more than 90% of VOTE FBF-supported candidates have been elected.

How does VOTE FBF support these candidates?

With personal, voluntary contributions from eligible members of the Kansas Farm Bureau.

Does VOTE FBF favor candidates from one political party over the other?

VOTE FBF is completely independent and bipartisan. Candidates supported by VOTE FBF are evaluated on their merits and their understanding of agriculture and rural Kansas communities.

Who decides which candidates receive contributions from VOTE FBF?

A 10-member committee made up of farmers and ranchers elected by their peers from across the state meets to consider requests for VOTE FBF funding. These decisions rely, in large part, on recommendations from County FB organizations.

History of this elected board

VOTE FBF began with 20 Farm Bureau members from across the state who served on a specially created task force. The mission of the task force was to create a system within Farm Bureau where a political fund could operate in a grass roots fashion. The culmination of the task force effort came in 1993 when Farm Bureau delegates at the annual meeting approved VOTE FBF. The system is the most grass roots driven political fund in the country, and has continually excelled in helping to elect "friends of agriculture" to the legislature and Congress. The system works from the ground up. Counties make recommendations for support within their own areas. This means the support truly comes from the constituents of a candidate, rather than a small board or staff group at a headquarters.

Get Involved

VOTE FBF has become a model for grass roots political funds in the country. But obviously for a grass roots program to work, the grass roots must get involved. Make sure you have made your suggested $5.00 (or any amount) contribution to VOTE FBF each year. Provide input to your county about candidates running for office. Check with your county president or board members to see about your participation in the county evaluation committee that makes formal election year recommendations. You can seek the prestigious elective office of district representative on the VOTE FBF state board, where final determinations are made for candidate endorsements and support. Finally, you can be of tremendous service by contacting VOTE FBF endorsed candidates and offering assistance to their campaigns. There is nothing that can serve a candidate more than volunteer workers.

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VOTE FBF Board by District

Dist.1: Neil Coufal, Doniphan Co.

Dist. 2: Erin Debler, Wabaunsee Co.

Dist. 3: Kyle Rennie, Cherokee Co.

Dist. 4: Michael Rausch, Sedgwick Co.

Dist. 5: Jim Schmidt, Geary Co.

Dist. 6: Lori Haresnape, Smith Co.

Dist. 7: John Kuszmaul, Kingman Co.

Dist. 8: Paul Wasko, Hodgeman Co.

Dist. 9: Jarvis Garetson, Haskell Co.

Dist. 10: Orrin Holle, Rawlins, Co.

Staff Liaisons:
Ryan Flickner
Brett Adams
Leigh Ann Maurath
Mike Matson
Warren Parker
Cory Saunders
Brenden Wirth