Kansas Farm Bureau recently testified in the Senate Committee on Transportation in favor of changing current state law to allow ATVs to legally cross state and federal highways. HB 2248 was introduced after a farmer along K-18 was pulled over and warned he would be ticketed if a KHP officer saw him crossing the state highway on an ATV again. KFB policy speaks directly to the use of different kinds of vehicles in agricultural production.

“Regulations regarding the transporting of agricultural equipment, vehicles and implements of husbandry must be practical.” (TU-1, pg 49)

“ATV’s, UTV’s and micro-utility trucks used in farming and ranching should be statutorily defined as implements of husbandry.” (TU-1, pg 49)

KFB’s testimony on HB 2248 can be found here. Other KFB policy on transportation can be found in the 2019 Policy Book.

If you have a question, comment or modification on KFB policy, members can provide suggestions for policy changes, additions or deletions by filling out this online form.