The Environmental Protection Agency has recently announced “finalized regulatory changes to allow gasoline blended with up to 15 percent ethanol (E15) to take advantage of the 1-psi Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) waiver that currently applies to E10 during the summer months.” As a result, the sale of E15 will be allowed but not required year-round.  

Kansas Farm Bureau member-developed policy speaks generally to this topic: 

“We support: 

  • Increased efforts to develop, promote and utilize products derived from the crops and livestock produced by our nation’s farmers and ranchers; 
  • Consumer education, promotion efforts and incentives, including retailers’ incentives, to expand the production and use of agricultural-based alternative and renewable fuels (AG-7, pg. 10) 

The American Farm Bureau Federation has applauded this announcement, based on the stances listed in the 2019 AFBF policy book, including: 

“We support: 

  • Production and use of agricultural based fuels; 
  • Efforts to educate consumers and industry on the benefits of biofuel blends higher than 10 percent; (404.1.4, 404.2.1.3, pg. 64) 

More information can be found on the EPA’s website, and on the internet version of the final rule

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