Meet the Women's Leadership Committee

Committee Chair -Laura Haffner

Laura was elected Kansas Farm Bureau Women's Committee Chair at the 2021 KFB annual meeting. In 2020, she served as the state Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee Chair, representing the perspective of young producers in her ex-officio role on the KFB Board of Directors.

Haffner and her husband, Ryan, farm in Sheridan County where they raise wheat, corn and grain sorghum. They also have a custom harvesting operation that cuts wheat and small grains from north Texas to the Canadian border each summer.

She attended her first YF&R conference in 2015 and says it was a pivotal moment. “Being a part of an organization that values its members though education, advocacy and service is a no brainer.”

1st District - Christine Russell

Christine joined the Women’s Leadership Committee in 2020. She is active on the Shawnee County Farm Bureau board where she has served for 10 years as President, Vice President or Treasurer. Christine and her Husband, Matthew, previously served on the state Young Farmer and Rancher Committee.

Christine and Matthew own a cow-calf operation in Jackson County. Christine works as an accountant and Matthew sells seed and fertilizer. Christine enjoys helping Matthew move product and plant and harvest test plots.

Christine finds it reassuring being a part of an organization that stands up for farmers and ranchers’ rights and need in an ever changing economy and world. She has found a personal interest in promoting agricultural education. She finds it important for people to know where their food and clothing comes from.

2nd District -Cheryl Hunsinger

Cheryl joined the Women’s Leadership Committee in 2021 after being an avid volunteer in the agriculture community. Cheryl and her husband, George served as 4-H project leaders and serve on their county Farm Bureau board. 

Cheryl and George have a cow-calf, row crop and hay operation in Douglas County. Their family has been actively involved in 4-H where they exhibited swine and rabbits. 

Cheryl has enjoyed learned how much KFB has to offer members. She hopes to encourage other women to find their place in farm bureau and educate members on the great work KFB does for the agriculture community. 

3rd District - Amanda Taylor

4th District - Erica Schlender

Erica joined the Women’s Leadership Committee in 2020 and currently serves on the Harvey County Farm Bureau Board. 

Erica is an agronomist by trade and part owner of a crop consulting business that she operates with her Dad, Rick. Erica also works on the family farm that has been in their family for four generations. She’s proud to be the fifth generation. Erica also spends her time working with the K-State Research and Extension Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategies Program.

Erica takes pride in KFB being the voice for farmers. Farmers do not always share their story or their struggles, but KFB is the connecting between those farmers, rural communities, state government and  national government. Serving as an agronomist she feels confident when a customer asks her a question she can relay that a fellow KFB member or staff member who can assist them. Erica values the reassurance KFB gives farmers in a troubling world. 

5th District - Ashley Jacobson

6th District - Haley Nelson

7th District - Amanda Buus Thomsen

8th District - Jan Rider

9th District - Andrea Knoll

10th District - Brianna Broeckelman

Resolutions Committee Representative

  • Cheryl Hunsinger

AFBF Representative

  • Marieta Hauser


  • Claudia Hissong
  • Pam Dankenbring
  • Molly Torres